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Today, I was doing laundry at college. There was a pile of clothes sitting on top of a dryer, but the dryer was empty so I used it. I came back to a note saying, "Don't touch my laundry, asshole" and a dryer filled with urine soaked laundry. FML
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easrc tells us more.

I don't think you understand-the dryer was EMPTY with someone else's clean, dry laundry on top when I got there. I put my stuff in the the dryer and the idiot thought that I took his clothes out when in fact, it took him so long to get his stuff that SOMEONE ELSE took his clothes out, dried their own, AND took their own laundry out again. To all the people who agree that this is a real FML-Unfortunately the room doesn't have security cameras, but I narrowed it down to 3 possible people based on who I remember being in the hall at the time and the fact that it was mens clothing. The RA and the administration are currently investigating it-hopefully they make the culprit confess!

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No, that guy was an asshole. Even if you had touched it, Taking someone's stuff out of the dryer after the time is up and leaving it on top is standard practice, and he had no right to be ab asshole about it. If you leave your clothes over time, and you find them on top of the dryer, then thats life, and deal with it. At my school we do that for each other all the time. No one gets upset over it.

thats the nastiest thing eva-sorry dude...


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because girls aren't that obsessed with peeing on things

"because girls aren't that obsessed with peeing on things" Oh really? ANYONE could have a golden shower fetish, for all we know.

...nothing you don't already know, Rachel. ;o

I don't think that's what she meant. For a girl to maneuver herself to urinate in a dryer, especially a front loading one as most are in college, would be practically impossible. Unless the note was left by a five year old or a contortionist, I'm gonna have to say this screams of a male.

front loading? for the girl - pop the door down, sit on the door, and let loose. Done.

haha, if it was a front-loading dryer no problem, but i feel like even a guy might have trouble peeing in a top-loading dryer unless he was pretty tall to begin with. i mean, i'm pretty short (5'4") so it seems like it would be terribly high for me, but unless a guy was at least 6' (ish? i dunno, i've never actually considered the heights involved in peeing in a top-loading dryer, and i'm sure there are some dryers that are taller/shorter than others) i feel like this might be slightly difficult anyway. my first thought when i read this was "wow, this guy went to some serious effort to get back at someone he thought touched his laundry"

It's a matter of "learn 2 pee" Take an example of this dog, and you will have no problem at all.

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I think he would've been completely justified if he was the one who moved the laundry. That is one of my all-time pet peeves. People think they can do laundry and then leave it in there for hours when there are TONS of people who are waiting to do laundry. Are they just supposed to let it sit in there all day? What if they NEVER came back for it (which happens). I think people should stop being ass holes and grow up and realize that if they are too lazy to come and get their laundry when it's done, then they should be able to deal with someone setting their stuff on top of the machine. It's not like people threw it on the floor.

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that's pretty much the unwritten rule at my school, if there are no open washers and yours has been sitting done for 40 mins or more, then your shit gets put on the top of the dryer/washer and someone else gets to use it.

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you would be able to tell by the clothes...

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he didn't touch the person's laundry idiot. apparently someone else had taken the person's stuff out, put it on top of the dryer, used the dryer, then removed their things. thus, when the op arrived, the original person's stuff was still on top of the dryer and the dryer was empty.

To # 49 - Well said. This happened at my student residence all the time, and most people understood that others were waiting to use the appliances so no big deal if their stuff got moved. There was just one girl who would freak right out if anyone touched her clothes. Honestly, FYL OP. It's quite disturbing to think that such irrational and inconsiderate people are considered to be among the well-educated in society.

i like to pee on people's property that i hate/ who have wronged me, so that sounds like something that i would've done.

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so the question is?? did you cause the OP all this pain and suffering? :)

thats the nastiest thing eva-sorry dude...

OP is an idiot and a pussy if he doesn't find that guy and make him pay for new clothes.

So what the hell is the OP gonna remember what clothes were on top of the dryer and go ape shit on anyone wearing a shirt from ambercrombie and fitch. Or do you suggest he get random piss samples from everyone...

Because piss totally doesn't wash out and necessitates entirely new clothing.

#83 I totally wouldn't wear clothing that someone pissed on.. so yeah that does necessitate new clothing. I wouldn't have even touched the clothing to take them out of the dryer. OP- hopefully your school has cameras in the laundry room like many schools do and you can report it and they can just see who did it

so you wouldnt mind at all if i decided to piss all over everything you owned for no reason and just walked away?

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No, thats not at all what the poster said, they said that they wouldn't wear pissy clothes...frankly I would challange you to piss all over my clothes and then think you would walk away...not only would I break your face, I would sue the shit outta you, and break your pisser off just to be sure it doesn't happen again. Hopefully you're not that stupid to do something like that, because I am a perfect example of "the wrong person" to do that to. I would beat your ass senseless, and YES then go out and buy new clothes withthe money that I got off a YOU whilest you lay in a pool of your own piss, cuz I would knock the piss outta you myself. Good luck with that though... Im sure everyone else in America is much less touchy about their belongings being pissed on by some little ******** like you.

Obviously I don't condone pissing on people's stuff; it's disrespectful and gross, but your responsive violence is just as gross, if not, even worse. Sign up for Anger Management, 112.

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thats crazy i would have been so pissed

AHAHAHAHAHA, it sucks big time, doesn't make it any less funny though, oh shit what a ******** :P

Don't places like these have security cameras? Maybe you can find out who did it.

yes, and report his ass to housing or an R.A. or something. you didn't even touch his clothes. what an asshole. AUGH that makes me so mad.

Also, why leave your laundry unattended? I'd make time to be in the laundry room and keep an eye on my clothes!

Yep. You never know what kind of a freak is going to go through/steal/pee on your stuff. Take a damn book or a game and chill for awhile.

Man, no kidding. My dorm had wireless internet, so I took a drink and my laptop down to the laundry room with me.

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Amen. If you value your clothes, don't leave 'em unattended. There are two "YDI"s in this story.

most college kids don't sit there and watch their clothes the entire time they are in washer/dryer.. maybe if we were talking about a public laundry mat somewhere randomly in town I could understand a ydi for that.. but not in a dorm

Exactly #97. I have better things to do then literally wash my clothes dry. Lots of people have homework to do and it's not pleasant to sit alone in a laundry room. But that's just my opinion I guess.

No, that guy was an asshole. Even if you had touched it, Taking someone's stuff out of the dryer after the time is up and leaving it on top is standard practice, and he had no right to be ab asshole about it. If you leave your clothes over time, and you find them on top of the dryer, then thats life, and deal with it. At my school we do that for each other all the time. No one gets upset over it.

No to what??? All it takes is one asshole... and you've got a big one. OP needs to report this. And needs to stay in the laundry room with his cloths until they find the perv. At least you didn't have to go far to re-wash em, and they're already sorted. I think the only way to find out who it was would be to pretend it wasn't your cloths... 'Did ya hear about the douche that moved someones cloths out of a dryer and got what they deserved?' Remember. revenge is best served cold; ie., take your time and think it through.

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If you leave your laundry down there for too long some one is gonna take it out if you wait two hours after the washer is done to come back you crap is gonna be on top

I almost want to say YDI. back when I had to use shared laundry facilities, I made a point of never leaving it unattended.