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  BobbieH  |  19

No she didn't get anything wrong. She stated that OP deserved it because he was going to pull a prank that could've caused the sister anxiety. She didn't state the sister had an anxiety attack. Reading comprehension is fun!

  LegalLoitering  |  12

Have you people graduated elementary school? OP almost had an anxiety attack trying to scare her sister. The sister didn't almost have an anxiety attack, OP did. Please read the FML before commenting.

  rileyrae  |  11

I swear you people need to think a little more thoroughly. If someone snuck up on you and sprayed silly string on you, there would be a definite chance to get anxiety. That's how I would react. So the op deserved it because she was doing something that could potentially give her sister the same problem she got. Jeez. I read it perfectly clearly the first time.

  sweetbliss3  |  37

I don't like your comment. anxiety is a fucked up disorder. I'm on medication for anxiety and it still creeps up out of nowhere. I can literally sit on my couch doing nothing and get real bad anxiety for no reason. the meds do work, but sometimes it just can't be contained.