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Today, I let a friend read a draft of the novel I'm writing. She claimed the antagonist is blatantly based on her, and threatened to sue me if I don't pay her royalties. The antagonist is an ancient, insane goblin witch. I guess I see now how this confusion could arise. FML
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I've seen worse. McDonald's getting sued for too hot coffee, a park sued by a lady because she stepped in dog shit and chuck Norris suing law and order for using the trademark names for his left and right legs

  depocadoll  |  15

Uhh... Not to mention that's not even a term of publish for fiction stories... Unless she has some secrets to share about a magical world she intends to prove real, while convincing you to I lush it as a tell-all...
What a nut job.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

In the court hearing they said that in order to cause burns like that the coffee had to be roughly the same temperature as your radiator after a 5 hour drive. That's why she won even though she was at fault for spilling it on herself.

By  michaelaranda  |  28

She might be trying to say that you based the goblin's characteristics on her. Even if you did, she's probably not entitled to anything.

Your friend is probably just joking. In an actual court of law, her case will only end up losing.

By  FeatherTips  |  10

Just wants the money you'll be collecting when it goes for sale. Something tells me she's either jealous, or worried you'll become successful while she.... does whatever she does.

In other words, she be crazy.