By Krystl - 18/09/2016 16:35 - Australia

Today, I met the old couple I would be house-sitting for. As I was leaving the lady stuck her fist out towards me. After a seconds awkward pause I thought she wanted to fist-bump so stuck mine out and bumped. Turned out she was handing me the key. FML
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Rawrshi 25

Well, you couldn't leave her hanging.


Rawrshi 25

Well, you couldn't leave her hanging.

My therapist once had his arms spread like he wanted a hug and even though I was super uncomfortable with the idea, I hugged him anyway. Turns out he was just gesturing to the office door with one arm and inviting me to leave with the other. It was terrible and awkward and the worst.

Your story makes this FML not so bad anymore.

She just expected you to know without saying "Here's the key"? Can't blame you

chrisbeaudoin 26

They probably picked up the key and thought op knew that they had the key, usually it's obvious if they are handing you something, some cases it isn't

If it makes you feel better, once during graduation practice as I was walking off the stage, my teacher held out his closed fist and naturally I fist bumped it. He gave me a weird look and told me "I was pretending to hold out your diploma. Please don't fist bump me during the ceremony." Since I was on the stage it was in full view of many of my classmates who found the whole exchange quite amusing. My embarrassment was brought up multiple times during graduation. Moral of the story: we all do embarrassing things, don't sweat it OP

haha haha .. now that is just hilarious.

"Balala lala!" I wish we could see the face she made though haha.

Not that bad OP. One time I was on the subway and someone waved at the person sitting next to me. Automatically, I waved back without thinking and they gave me the weirdest looks. I just owned it and winked at them.

One time there was an SUV coming down the road with a little kid waving his arm out the window at everyone. Naturally, I waved back... just as I saw that it was actually a 2x4 with some plastic wrap stuck to the end of it.

she was definitely waiting on the fist bump so I did the right thing... as long as u exploded it after