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I think someone needs a partner with a brain.

It was probably a joke. I can't see anyone saying that seriously.


I think someone needs a partner with a brain.

I don't know if this is and FYL or YDI.... not really either one... F yoursons L

Yeah, the OP.... Is it too much to ask for a woman with a sense of humour?

I think it may be time for a new partner

obviously he wasn't serious. therefore this doesn't qualify for an FML.

I'm going to guess the OP is with a woman because A. it's HER son, not hers and her partner B. her partner obviously loves the cat (not many men I know love cats that much) and C. she used the term partner. That being said, as a lesbian and cat lover (which go hand in hand) I find this a fairly reasonable suggestion, I would rather have a cat over a snotty kid any day and cats are better than children. Now I say fairly reasonable because the kid shouldn't sleep outside but maybe he could take allergy medicine, honestly it's like saying "your kid is allergic to my kid, so we have to separate them", now in this case (if children could indeed be allergic to one another) you would not suggest getting rid of one of the children, would you?

lol. lesbians are funny. What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A u-haul.

30, a cat is NOT a child. you're comparing the two like they're synonymous, and they're not. have a child, and then you might understand.

Jeez, that "have-your-own-kid-then-you-will-comprehend" thing is starting to get really boring already. I'd never get rid of my cat because of somebody else's child... and what's wrong with that?

applause to 30 and 57. some people don't like and don't want kids while still having love for other creatures. cat 1, kid 0.

62, that's because cats are way more lovable :3

I'm sure partner was joking... ?

lmao. whoever thinks a cat is more important than a human being that came from your own vagina is stupid. pretty sure that cat isn't going to be changing your diapers when you're old and deceased

68 your parents should've aborted you and bought a cat instead.

30's comment made me LoL xD

84 just sayin. I don't think I'll wear a diaper when I'm deceased. mainly because you don't shit when your dead

Of course not, a nurse from the home for the elderly will. =) And I'd rather prefer a cat to something that would make me completely sick for 9 months, then ruin my pelvic floor, then suck tons of money and effort out of me., and, when I'm old, try to get my house before I'm even dead.

88, I wouldn't find this as a problem because then I just wouldn't exist. As simple as that ^^ In OP's case she should either break up with her partner, or make her kid take meds against allergy. That would be only fair.

Wow, you've got a generous partner, I'd just kick the kid out.

Yeaaaah.. except for many people with cat allergies, myself included, it isn't just 'snotty' and popping an allergy pill won't do a thing. I am deathly allergic to cats. This woman's partner is an idiot and they need to break up.

22, humor not humour

101, my partner is deathly allergic to cats but I have 2 and she just deals with it. It's not easy and the cats are only allowed certain places but she knows that for some people (such as myself) cats are better than children. As 93 said, I don't want to get sick for 9 months just to have a baby that cries all the time, that I have to buy diapers for not to mention the MANY other expenses that come with a child. The other awesome thing is that cats can take care of themselves for the most part, you don't have to be with them so they can eat or sleep, you can actually go out and not have to worry about what they are doing.

It's a cat,it can survive outside the child can not yet

Cats are also more behaved.

The child will adapt or die. Not fair to the cat. The cat was there first, the child was not. Cat > child.

#30 - This is NOTHING like saying "your kid is allergic to mine." I really loath idiots that refuse to recognize humans are more important than animals. (Not talking extremes like Hitler is more important than Mr. Fluffikins.) I am talking children are more important than pets period unless said child is an adult who should be providing their own living accommodations.

partner wif no brain lol...

@120 You're the only on this list who made complete sense! I get some people would rather have a pet than a child, but how could you place a house pet's life as greater than a human beings? Sure, it's okay to dislike children in general, but not one that's already alive and breathing. Would you make a child (a child!) sleep outside? Nonetheless, OP, your partner might've been joking so good luck with that.

#104 I swear I've heard too many of those retarded comments. I can't stand people who troll.

@30: A) Could easily be a child from a previous relationship, B) I know plenty of men who love cats, myself included, finally C) a lot of people use the term 'partner' when they're serious about it but aren't going to get married yet - some people take 'boyfriend' to sound like a less serious relationship

It's only fair

ridiculous, the cat shouldn't have to spend a single night outside make the boy stay out

You are fucking heartless

@136 they are being sarcastic......

Look in the bright side! You'll never have to sleep outside then!

^ only got voted up because your name is brittany

It was probably a joke. I can't see anyone saying that seriously.

I agree..

yeah I laughed at it, knowing its a joke. That is actually something i would say to my wife, which she would laugh at as well

It was a stupid fml. Clearly a joke.

Get rid of your cat.

I agree, get rid of the cat. I recomend putting it up for adoption or giving it to a friend. Though a brick could solve this too... ( J/K, animal abuse sucks and I would personally punch anyone contributing to it. )

WTF get rid of the kid. all you'll ever waste on the cat is for food. for a son however you'll waste on food, school, college, and god knows what else like doctors bill. all of this will happen for like the next 20 years but cats won't last you that long. just saying "food for thought"

XD You'll spend tons of money, nerves and effort on a kid, who might write things like "I hate my parents, they're not buying me a car and an iPod!" in their blog someday. So yup, voting for the cat to stay =)

haha that's cuz you'd make a shitty parent. if you spoil the kid then it is your own damn fault

85, luckily for me, I'm not planning on even becoming one. I've got an amazing fiance whom I'd always prefer over a kid instead =)

I hope your birth control pills fail, and you get pregnant.

99, four words - abortion, then tubal ligation.

103- that's a pretty good plan, seeing how people like you would make the worst kind of parents. You should probably do that early though so an abortion would never happen to begin with.

sounds like a plan:D

Get a bag, some rope and some rocks, then find yourself a river.. problem solved..... No, not the cat sillies, I would never advocate violence against animals. The bag etc, were for the Partner... then the cat can stay where your partner used to sleep. ;-)

What about violence against rabid animals?

#16, violence against any animals is wrong. Rabid animals are sick and should be put down, not tortured. As for animals that are hunted, as long as it's not a wasteful trophy hunt and you use the meat, then it's survival not violence. But OP I would guess your partner was just joking. But seriously think of both the well being of the kitty and the son, then decide.

It doesn't mean it isn't violent to kill an animal. I'd say it was violent the last time I shot a deer in the head with a shotgun.

#40 is a little bit of a whiny bitch... Kinda like this baby deer I shot in the neck hunting this morning. just sat there, whining whining whining while it bled to a slow, painful death.

This might be a good idea. But put the kid in the bag and toss the bag with the rocks and rope into the water. Problem solved.

You're a bad mother if you don't leave that man.

unless he's joking and she doesn't have a sense if humour.

or woman/she

She doesn't want to start a fight so she suggest that your son take turns sleeping outside with the cat? She was most likely joking, but just in case, your partner has a few disconnected wires where logic is concerned.

I'm sure he was joking.

Or she.

Yeah, whichever.