By alex - 16/02/2010 16:43 - United States

Today, while working at my new job at a veterinary hospital, I was excited that I set a urinary catheter in a dog for the first time. I guess I was a little too enthusiastic though, because I pulled it out too fast and bloody urine splashed up all over my face. FML
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texas_justice 0

...strange excitement...

purplemnm 9

ydi, it's painful when you pull out the needle too fast, control your emotions woman!


texas_justice 0

...strange excitement...

Yeah, why would you get excited? Maybe nervous that it's your first time.

WHY on earth would you get excited over that?!

youALWAYSdeserve_fml 0

turns me on bro

Sonfang 19

so you get blood and pee on you...and the poor dog gets all the pain that goes with it! wow truely FYL...**sarcastically rolls eyes** maybe when you're old karma will pay you a visit and some new doctor/nurse will pull a tube out of you to damn fast and you'll bleed everywhere! Have a nice day your stupidity and excitement caused an innocent animal pain!

Is it a Bitch Female dog

Is it a Bitch Female dog

that sucks for the dog not u

you deserve it for being excited after putting something in a dogs vag

that sounded really weird "I was exited cause I got to put a urinary catheter on a dog!"

FMLFML123123 0

did it make you wet? you got "excited," sexually excited?

Gumblebum100 0

well this is an odd conversation but I agree that why in the world, take that back why in the UNIVERSE would you be excited to stick a tube in a dog's vag!! and why on earth would this fyl cuz I beleive it would be worse in the dogs position for many reasons than to be covered in bloody pee so before i think your life is fucked please get one first

who gives a damn about you, I'm sure the dog didn't like having a catheter yanked out of it's crotch.

tweetbaby14 18

so you get turned on by shoving tubes in pee holes? animal pee holes at that then making them bleed... sadobeastialist

mmmmmmm fruit punch!!! i bet it was a little tangy...

Gumblebum100, perhaps you haven't heard, but.....the urethra and the vagina are not the same hole. Durrrrr. Also, most people with careers are very excited when they get to do a task for the first time, especially a task they might not normally do. I started my internship just the other day, and I was quite excited that I'd get to draw and test a patient's blood for the first time. Practicing on oranges and doing labs on classmates only gets you so far...when you actually get to do it in the work environment for the first time, it's very exciting (and a bit nerve-wracking...hellooooooo lawsuits if you screw up!).

You know that in bitches, the urethra opens into the vagina? So to insert something into the pee hole you have to go through the vag. You're thinking of humans, where the vagina and urethra are completely separate. Dogs are different.

that poor basterd, that sounds painful

Yeah, to get to it. But it sounds like Gumblebum thinks they're the exact same thing. O_o

secretgarden101 0

DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A CATHEDER IS? I hope to God that you do not become a medical professional.

lmao. just what i was thinking

omgitsbritt 0

thank you, my thoughts exactly!

Crazybae 0

that suckss and that's gross !

agreed. that comment wasn't needed...

ahahahahahahahahahaahaha :p

Eek. Thats just groose.

mirkatsboss 0

lol sounds like a grimey job

PsychoMerk 0

excitement(plus)dog = bestiality O_O

epoh_fml 0

the image from this comment made me cringe. Wrong fml, I know, but it's still funny :)

PsychoMerk 0

omg I laughed when I read that xD

purplemnm 9

ydi, it's painful when you pull out the needle too fast, control your emotions woman!

Just like me today and the lunch lady. lol. >.

A catheter doesn't have a needle

MissRachieee 3


F yours and the dog's lives!

glasgowsmile 0

lmao ! i totally agree xD

The_Toxic_Mite 0

This bitch blatantly deserves it.

Official_Person 0

That is the truest thing I have heard all day.

What a fucking idiot. They should fire you already.