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Today, my Canadian friend is staying a few days at my parents' house. I drove him from the airport, only to find my idiot dad had decked the spare room out with maple syrup bottles. He keeps saying "Eh" all the time and asked "What's he so upset aboot?" when my friend was offended. FML
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*gets offended* I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to offend me. Canadians.

Your dad needs to work on his hospitality.


*gets offended* I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to offend me. Canadians.

I'm sure he'll forgive your dad. We Canadians are very nice after all.

Also, tell your dad to beavery nice from now on.

I'm sorry, but I find this offensive... take it back please.

Syr-up bud! This is nothing to take seriously.

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Just because someone is nice doesn't necessarily mean they're forgiving....

You people do realize that the stereotype about all Canadians are nice is false right? and yes i know people are going down vote but its fact

You're right, but no need to be rude about it. Unless we were all Canadian love robots, it's pretty much impossible for a country to only consist of nice people.

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All of these "Canadian" comments lol

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#66 is right. I'm Canadian and, as far as I'm concerned, you all can go right ahead and **** yourselves. That's right. Every. Last. One. Of you. Including #66. Ya bunch of sister ******* backwoods yokels ...

Looks like you ran out of maple syrup today, eh?

I'm Canadian and I would've laughed my ass off if someone did that to me.

I wasn't being rude I was just telling the truth

I think the stereotype comes from how we always say "thank you" "you're welcome" and of course "sorry"

I would have laughed it off too. Maple syrup is life, eh?

As a Canadian, I would like to apologize for any trouble this has caused you.

Your dad needs to work on his hospitality.

My cooking is pretty bad too... It's his house, if he wants to shit stir his sons friend then he can.

Wow #15 so it's ok to be insensitive towards someone? Personally, being a Canadian I would take his jokes as a lack of knowing Canadian culture and what's offensive vs what's not. But not everyone is like me, and some would take it as being rude and ignorant towards their differences.

#15: Sure he can, but it wouldn't be polite. You wouldn't make a very good Canadian.

No, the friend needs to work on the sense of humour. Seriously, as a Canadian, I'm offended by him being offended by our awesome stereotypes!

Lol, because our Canadian culture is soooo far fetch from the american culture.

We just had 2 different types of Canadians in this thread, one must've been to the U.S. before.

You need to stfu. I also bet you're a feminazi

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I'd say he did pretty well! Maple syrup is expensive! I wouldn't mind if I got a room full of it.

Americans say huh instead of eh and huh sounds stupider

Not necessarily, Canadians say 'eh' after ever sentence, only Americans who are curious or without proper terminology say 'huh'. And she is right, it is 'more stupid', 'stupider' is not a word, nor will it be.

Canadians don't say eh after every sentence thats an untrue stereotype

I was not meaning to be stereotypical, I have a Canadian friend who doesn't always say 'eh' and I certainly do not say 'huh' all the time either.

RedPillSucks 31

sigh. unfortunately "stupider" has recently become a word. Damned Americans. Do the Canadians have their own English dictionary?

#25: Yeah, it's the English dictionary. From England.

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eh and huh have completely different meanings. you're an idiot

iAmPaul 49

29 - Actually, our English varies from both American and British spelling, yet also shares many similarities with British spelling. For example, "colour", and similar words, spelled with the "u". However, we write "program" like Americans, instead of "programme" like the British.

Just to let you all know, Canadians say "eh" after stating an obvious fact IE: Nice weather we're having eh?

As a Canadian I find we use "eh" as a question mark or "right?" For example, "nice weather we're having eh?"

Why would you only have one boot? Boots come in pairs.

#23 "This boot was made for hoping. And that's just what it'll do. One of these days this boot is gonna hop all over you."

Your friend sounds a little over sensitive.

XBurytheCastleX 25

No. I would react the same way.

At first I would've found it funny, but after about 10 minutes of it I'd get annoyed. It's like someone saying a good joke/pun, then continuing to say said joke/pun. It gets irritating.

Seriously! I'm Canadian and I would think that's hilarious

its more of a F your friends life....

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He could be embarrassed about how his dad treats guests

Canada is not that different from America. How stupid is your dad?

It was a joke wtf. Maybe you are too young to be in here?

or how stupid are you? his dad is just having fun with stereotypes.

fun with stereotypes..wow...that's a douche move...

I would rather be ANYWHERE in Canada, than Oklahoma.

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Should I ask what's so bad about Oklahoma?

AnOriginalName 19

Oklahoma isn't so bad, but it isn't that great either. In fact, Oklahoma is just OK.

It's not just OK, it's better than LA, because it's my HOMe, okAy?

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He's just tryna make him feel welcomed