By whereismyprince? - 18/12/2013 17:01 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, I met a great guy at the bar, and we went back to my place. He left before I woke up, leaving a badly-scrawled note saying, "Gone to work, call me!" I couldn't make out the number. FML
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You better figure it out!!! With hand writing like that you may have a Doctor on your hands!

Plot twist: he meant to make the note illegible.


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You better figure it out!!! With hand writing like that you may have a Doctor on your hands!

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#14: Not every doctor mentioned is DocBastard.

Welshite - Don't be jealous. Tali - I seriously doubt it. I haven't had a one-night stand in Alberta since . . . Wait, what?

What is so hard? K so the hand writing sucks, but I am sure you can make out a few numbers, you know the amount of numbers and the few you cannot make out probably have only a few alternatives. My guess is worst case scenario you have to call a Thousand numbers, or you can just go the bar again, and if he is there again tell him. If he avoids said bar it is because he doesn't want to be called, if wants to be called he would also come to said bar.

Take the note to a pharmacy, they'll be able to read it.

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What terrible luck OP, I really hope you find him... & Yeah 72, we usually can make out Doctors' chicken scratch because it's in a shorthand that we understand. Doctors can get away with scrawling: 1gtt OU Q4-6H PRN, and from that, we get: Instill 1 drop in both eyes every 4-6 hours as needed. We also have an idea what the directions for the drugs they prescribe should be... And we have the doctor's phone number just in case we can't read the drug name... (at least the hospital's phone number is supposed to be imprinted on each prescription.)

At least he was the one that did the walk of shame.

They went back to HER place. Of course HE did the walk.

Doesn't matter. Had sex. I'm going to thumb myself down for this comment.

Plot twist: he meant to make the note illegible.

Either not legible or illegible. Not "not illegible"

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32- He might have done it so he didn't seem like a total douche, and made it seem like he wanted her to call him.

Yup, makes the guy look better as "I wanted you to call me; early mornings make writing bad." Everyone knows guys write it so you cant figure it out. I bet it onset even his number either.

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Perhaps it was unreadable by design and the guy just wanted a one night stand.

So he doesn't look like the ass that didn't call if they bump into each other. It can now be turned into I didn't think you were interested since you never called and am now with someone sort of thing.

I always have one question on my mind when I read stories like this. How can you bring a stranger into your home? I am not judging, just kind of curious. Perhaps I am a bit paranoid. I would be worried that he may steal, or try to kill me. Anyway, sorry you can't make out the number OP, better luck next time?

I think I'm paranoid as well cuz I can't bring a stranger to my flat or go to the flat of some guy I just met. anything can happen

Anyone could steal something or try to kill you. You're always taking a risk inviting someone into your home. Sure, maybe after meeting them in public a few times you're feeling comfortable enough to take them into your home, but you never know. Some guy you've dated for months might decide to hurt you, a friend you've known for years might be desperate enough to steal from you, and someone you met tonight might actually be an amazing person just looking to have mutual fun. You never know.

31: And if the person you met seems just that great, then they won't mind waiting at least for a first/second date before either home is visited, because they understand that a single random encounter at a bar is not enough to trust someone. Unless, of course, both of them were indeed just looking for some short "mutual fun"... which is something I highly doubt in the case of the OP, however, since she seemed to have wanted more out of it than just plain sex.

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11, well if I find the guy attractive... then that's a chance I'm willing to take! lol.

If someone trusts a stranger enough to have sex with them, then it's not much of a stretch to invite them into his/her home.

I wouldn't worry about the illegibility of the number. It's probably just the Rejection Hotline anyway.

It's amazing how many people don't know about rejection hotline

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I can read it: it's 1-800-EAT-SHIT. Sorry :(

Unless that's part of what they did that night, somehow I don't think that'd be the correct number.

@23 Is that what you think? Well you may be on to something, its almost like that number was made up on purpose, for some reason. ( A joke)