By thrifty gone wrong - 28/01/2013 17:24 - United States - El Cajon

Today, I received a birthday present from a friend. It was the very same gift I gave to her for Christmas. FML
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Give it back to them for their birthday.

They liked it so much they got you one!


They liked it so much they got you one!

Yeah, the same old used one...

if it was the same one, I doubt it was used...

There needs to be a punctuation mark for sarcasm.

Give it back to them for their birthday.

Lol. Sounds about right!

That could become their new tradition! Each of their birthdays, they could keep re-gifting it to eachother.

Yes, exactly! Recycling at its best.

Exactly, this doesn't have to be an FML. Put it this way: they just saved a ton of money on presents.

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It's been fewer than five weeks, how'd she think you wouldn't notice or remember? Some friend.

She probably did remember, but just wanted to drop a hint..

Take advantage of it! Hopefully the "gift" has a good use for you.

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It's kinda like herpes, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Taking frugality to a whole new level.

I guess the recession hit harder than I thought.

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#29 - There's still a recession?!

The spirit of giving is not exclusive to Christmas, look how generous she is being!

just sell it and get money for it

That's generally how selling works.

40- Nobody ever pays me in gum :(

It's the thought that counts... Fuck that, what an asshole!

Hey! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Did you call her out on it?

Gift recycling: she's doing it wrong. Lol