By lct722 - 16/03/2012 05:54 - Canada

Today, I panicked when I saw a spider on my shoulder from the corner of my eye. It was a birthmark. The same one that has been there for the last 23 years. FML
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I wonder how many times you have slapped the shit out of yourself trying to get it off you lol...

Vacant 7

Haha, why is this in intimacy?


mcaisse77 17

You should probably get used to it, or you'll be freaked out forever...

Apparently birthmarks are good luck

Hey, it happens to the best of us. I drew an "X" on my hand as a reminder, but since I was tired I kept thinking it was a spider. I would jump out of my skin about once every hour, so my parents kept calling me "popcorn" and "spider hand".

Once my hair brushed my shoulder and I freaked out because I thought it was a spider. You're not alone lol

56- Happens to me all the time. My ponytail is a troll.

Vacant 7

Haha, why is this in intimacy?

perdix 29

Some people have shoulder fetishes? Or a fetish about birthmarks or spiders? Or 23, it's a third of 69, don't ya know?

perdix 29

And, thank you, Didi, for noting that it was fixed, otherwise readers might think Vacant and me were idiots.

BkI still think that. :) JK But it was nifty how you pointed out that 23 is a third of 69.

RedPillSucks 31

For us shorter people -_-

What's wrong with short people?

mwrc8man94 1

It's ok op, spiders are scary as a mothafucka

not worth taken the chance! I hate spiders too!

Brannie 4

that must be one hairy birthmark

I wonder how many times you have slapped the shit out of yourself trying to get it off you lol...

Gothicbunnyx3 16

I can't even imagine that happening in public. :D

linkinpark98 23

*OP is out at a restaurant* Op: "Yes, I'll take the steak medium rare, please. And also, I'll have th- OH HOLY FUCK!" *flips table*

You should check your privates for 'spiders' too. You never know where those critters might be. "is that one? Let me rub it out...oh spider you are so...feels so good when you scare me"

Wow, that was so unnecessary and inappropriate. Take your little perverted mind elsewhere please.

Extremely tasteless

blackheart24 10

Where the fuck did that come from? Now we know who the troll whackin it in his moms basement is....

Seriously? No one else saw wedding crashers??

perdix 29

You'd better hope that no spiders are reading this FML -- now they'll know exactly where to attack you undetected!

You my friend, are a tart

What is OP going to do when it's a real spider?

linkinpark98 23

Flip the fuck out. :)

Yeah so? You'll be fine. EVERYONE including me makes the world's dumbest mistake like that. Don't worry

ss_20_xx 14

Apparently 23 years aren't enough to get used to your birth mark.