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Hey, it happens to the best of us. I drew an "X" on my hand as a reminder, but since I was tired I kept thinking it was a spider. I would jump out of my skin about once every hour, so my parents kept calling me "popcorn" and "spider hand".


Once my hair brushed my shoulder and I freaked out because I thought it was a spider. You're not alone lol


Some people have shoulder fetishes? Or a fetish about birthmarks or spiders? Or 23, it's a third of 69, don't ya know?


And, thank you, Didi, for noting that it was fixed, otherwise readers might think Vacant and me were idiots.


*OP is out at a restaurant* Op: "Yes, I'll take the steak medium rare, please. And also, I'll have th- OH HOLY FUCK!" *flips table*

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You'd better hope that no spiders are reading this FML -- now they'll know exactly where to attack you undetected!

Yeah so? You'll be fine. EVERYONE including me makes the world's dumbest mistake like that. Don't worry

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