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Today, I gave up smoking. A few hours later, I caught myself daydreaming about brutally killing a guy that gave me a mean look at the bus. Maybe I should go back to smoking. FML
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Congratulations on trying to quit smoking. Although, there's easier alternatives than just stopping such as nicotine and maybe quitting slowly but surely will make you calmer.


I said **** it smoke it till your lung collapse

28 - I won't give you the generic DARE speech, so I'll just say that even though that's not the best choice, you're entitled to it. OP, try electronic cigarettes instead of quitting cold turkey.

It will get better OP, I promise, once you succumb to the murderous thoughts and join us you will be fine ;D

OP deserved it for smoking in the first place.

If you smoke marijuana, you will have murderous thoughts, but they will be about ripping apart bags of Doritos and devouring them.

That "mean look" was just that guy's face

Thoughts of cruel murder aren't the normal response to mild annoyance? Shit, maybe I should take up smoking.

YDI. Smoking doesn't suppress that crap, anyway.

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To people who smoke, it's usually a stress relief. It was probably the OP's stress relief.

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Smoking calms people down i think op needs something to calm him down

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actually smoking doesn't calm you down, you get extra stressed when nicotine levels in your blood falls and when you smoke again u get that "relief" from stress which is mainly caused by smoking itself. I pity you fools, you are good for nothing but your sisters

So regardless he gets rid of some stress when he smokes

You're absolutely right. OP does deserve to quit smoking. It's great for his health!

Just switch to weed. You won't wanna cause anyone harm for any reason

Haha 46 - You ******* cheated on me!? Duuuuude. That cuts deep bro.....pass me the funyons.....

Whoops, *48*.....slightly epic fail right there...

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It does help. I get stressed often, usually when I haven't smoked for a couple hours. I get really frustrated and almost have a breakdown. Kinda sad I know. :( but I couldn't quit even if I tried.

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2- You have clearly never been under stress whilst being a smoker. Can't count the days I've been knee deep in work, beyond breaking point with my workload, irritating coworkers, idiot drivers, whining kids, endless problems, and a smoke has calmed me right down. Without cigarettes I'd be severely homicidal, so yes, it does suppress "that crap".

My shop teacher threw a nail gun as hard as he could against the wall when he quit dipping. Nicotine definitely calms you down lol.

My shop teacher threw a nail gun as hard as he could against the wall when he quit dipping. Nicotine definitely calms you down lol.

What #88 said. Nicotine only calms down people who are experiencing nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine will have the opposite (physiologically stressful) effect on someone who's never been addicted to it.

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You're right! Why they think you're wrong??

People who smoke do it to get down to the level of relaxation that people who don't smoke generally feel every day.

2 - Take up smoking then come back and tell us what it does and does not suppress. OP good on you for trying

They're right. Plenty of studies show smoking only eliminates the stress to your body that is caused by the cigarettes themselves so while it may feel like you're lowering your stress levels, in reality you're just leveling out to where you would've been had you never started smoking in the first place.

123- Just so you know, I HAVE smoked. Just because I have a different opinion than you based on my experiences while I smoked doesn't give you a right to act all high and mighty around me.

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130- You do realise people are also allowed an opinion? Having an opinion that differs to your own is not being "all high and mighty". Don't expect anyone to sugar coat things on the Internet, it's not that kind of place.

You smoking doesn't mean you were addicted to the nicotine. It could mean you've had 2 cigarettes. If you really were addicted you'll show support not post comments with no thought

You're right, mrs_bruno_mars. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It just so happens that yours is wrong.

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Congratulations on trying to quit smoking. Although, there's easier alternatives than just stopping such as nicotine and maybe quitting slowly but surely will make you calmer.

OP should slowly just go from for example 2 packs a day, too 1, then half and so forth. And OP should try a different way to release stress other then wanting to kill people on the bus for looking at them.

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Cutting down does not work, but only makes it more difficult. Preparing yourself mentally and quitting cold turkey is the way. 14 years smoking and not touching a single cigarette for over 3 years now, I can say that it works.

Cutting down is how I quit smoking. All my friends who quit cold turkey never made it.

Those nicotine patches are the way to go! If I did it (& yes it was bloody hard) anyone can do it. I'm not saying that I was perfectly pleasant for the first month or two, but I didn't kill anyone either! Been two years now since I quit! Do not give up OP!!!!!

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Congratulations on trying to quit :) don't give in! It'll get better.

Going from daydreaming about brutally killing one guy to daydreaming about...? It does get worse before better. OP is in for a rough week good luck to him though!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I guess for some people it's worse than others. My grandpa smoked from around age 15-40, give or take a few years. One day he decided to quit, and just stopped cold turkey. He hasn't had another one to this day, and he's 58. For most people this isn't possible. I guess he's just stubborn xP

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Not as rough as the man's feelings in OP's fantasy.

Quitting smoking isn't easy. You'll have a lot of crap come your way, and get pissed off at the smallest things. If you're serious about it, it will happen.

My mother has the same problem. What I did was go out and buy he one of those electronic cigarettes. She says they taste like regular menthols and I don't get burned or smell like her smoke as much as I used to.

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Most people have urges to brutally kill somebody,so it's nothing special. I know I do. Stupid neighbors

Yeah if I go through a day without fantasizing about dismembering and disemboweling every other person I see then its an odd day for me and I've never smoked tobacco.

Killing is overrated but mutilation is different. Removing fingernails and eyelids with a pair of pliers is much more entertaining.

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Don't worry OP, I also have the urge to brutally kill someone… I don't even smoke!

Dont worry OP, one of my closest buddy left smoking suddenly one day and he had to put against all of these nightmares and stuff. But guess what! Its been more than a year he didnt touch smoke at all, while it wasnt easy but dont worry OP u will get through it too Good Luck

Wow he didn't touch smoke? That's amazing.