By Anonymous - 13/06/2009 04:09 - United States

Today, I was smoking in my car and flicked the butt… into the face of a cop on a motorcycle going the other way. FML
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Hahaha, dumbass!

Hunthas 17

the same thing happened to me, except with raccoons :(

velocityplayer5 0

I hit a dude on a motorcycle in the face with a burrito the other day...

Nice shot, too bad it didn't hit him in the eye =] woulda been one less piggy to catch and serve up!

Agree with #1, you fucking dumbass. You obviously don't know not to smoke in the car, let alone throw the butt out the window, and even worse into oncoming traffic. One of the strongest ydi's I've ever read.

agreed, major dumb ass!! I really really hope you got seriously fined if not arrested! (some cops would call that assault) I hate when smokers think of the world as their ashtray! That shit starts fires!!

Sucks to be you, mang. :P

good one, dipshit.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.


So? Cop probably just kept on going without noticing what it even was I bet.


wow, dumbass. This is how fires are started. Plus, it's littering and just a dick move anyway, even if it wasn't lit up. YDI.

On the one hand, you're a jerk and YDI. On the other hand, BULLSEYE ONE IN A MILLION.

cicpjaky 6

that made me lol good job