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  kyliebear  |  15

Why do the best friends always steal your boyfriend/girlfriend? Just get your own freaking partner. People these days should really show some respect for their friends and be glad they have a friend. Some people don't even have any friends..

  swasticop  |  0

82, dont start talking like that and making OP worry more. OP, calm down. I have been in a very similar situation before, and I know it is uncomfortable. My friendship with my best friend was almost destroyed because of my paranoia, and I was a major prick to my girl (at the time) because of it. What I was scared of turned out to be not true, and me and my best friend still remember that as the time I was at my worst. He and her were good friends and that was all. So push that out of your mind, and tell your boyfriend that you love him. If he and your best friend make any kind of flirtatious actions toward one another, and you still want to keep your boyfriend as your boyfriend and not lose your best friend, then tell them both that it makes you uncomfortable, and that you are worried about it. If they respect your feelings, then they should tune it down.

  emily14swim  |  0

I'm sorry op, more than likely feelings start to grow when 2 people of the opposite sex get along well so just be on your toes. (I'm not saying it ALWAYS does tho,)

  lilly25001  |  7

Umm.My bestfriends boyfriend n I are really close doesn't mean there is anything going on....He is also my bestfriend & yes it has caused a couple arguements though...