By Xandriajoy10 / Tuesday 8 March 2016 11:56 / Australia
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  Kurliez408  |  30

Insects in ears is something quite shocking, actually. Their wings buzzing is magnified by a bazillion. How would you like something beating on your eardrum for two minutes?

By  Mightytall  |  32

That happened to me too a few years back.
I completely agree with the horrifying aspect.
The feeling of it moving inside and the noises are terrible, even though it's really not dangerous because flies can't bite.
Worst is that those damn things can't get themselves out again under their own power.

Luckily there was a doctor nearby that helped me get rid of it right away.


Today, my mother decided she wanted the family to go on a special outing for the holidays. She asked me to drive everyone when she got home from work. Later I noticed the house was empty. The whole family, including the dog, left without telling me. They took my car. FML

By effingpot - / Saturday 28 February 2009 07:55 / United States
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