By Xandriajoy10 - 08/03/2016 11:56 - Australia

Today, a fly flew into my ear canal and got stuck. It was the most horrifying 2 minutes of my life. FML
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GloUp_fml 18

So you found out what all the buzz was about?


This doesn't really look like an FML. But a fly in the ear can get really annoying.

MrKdv 14

I think this is definitely a FML-situation! If it happened to me, I would freak out.

#2 Time to get your comment disliked to hell.

GloUp_fml 18

So you found out what all the buzz was about?

I was coming to make this joke. So you get my upvote!

Should have told that fly to buzz off and mind its own business

Are people just taking the shitty situation joke and putting with all fmls now or is it just a select few people that decided hey I wanna get downvoted?

What a multi-segmented eyeball situation.

MrKdv 14

This is like one of my worst nightmares coming true...

I've had this happen. It's like instant panic because you can feel it and it's so loud in there it hurts. I was afraid to wear my hair up for a long time after that day.

She should be thankful it didn't lay its eggs in her brain. Phew!

It was an earwig not a fly that I worry about thanks to night gallery.

football98_fml 20

It was stuck in your ear for a whole 2 minutes... 120 seconds.. That's horrible

Insects in ears is something quite shocking, actually. Their wings buzzing is magnified by a bazillion. How would you like something beating on your eardrum for two minutes?

That happened to me too a few years back. I completely agree with the horrifying aspect. The feeling of it moving inside and the noises are terrible, even though it's really not dangerous because flies can't bite. Worst is that those damn things can't get themselves out again under their own power. Luckily there was a doctor nearby that helped me get rid of it right away.

Hi, said the fly, As he flew into your ear, In he stayed, And even cracked open a beer.