By Anonymous - 23/11/2014 12:52 - United Kingdom

Today, my grandpa came into my room and asked for a pen. As I gave it to him, he let rip the foulest fart I've ever smelled in my life, and walked out without a word. 2 hours later, the smell is not only still there, it's filled the room. Looks like I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch tonight. FML
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Bad grandpa strikes again!


Bad grandpa strikes again!

it sounds to me like this was premeditated almost as if grandpa knew what he was gonna do when he asked for that pen.

That was a church house creeper!!!

incoherentrmblr 21

That's what he wants you to do. You can't give in. YOU CAN'T GIVE IN!

Next time don't give him the pen.

Looks like your in a pretty smelly situation

Your pun stinks.

Well payed

countryb_cth 38

@60 I fail to see how "you are pun stinks" makes any sense

tantanpanda 26

Genius, #60 was referring to the original comment.

Why would he do that?!

Because he had to fart

Most old people lose the ability to hold a fart in and it just falls out whether or not they wanted it to.

I fail to see how opening a window is gross.

The window could be covered in poop, you never know.

Old people have that lingering smell. I dot know what it is but if you get in an Oldsmobile owned by elderly people, you'll understand.

Wow that bad? I wouldn't lend him a pen next time :/ btw try get a couple air fresheners might help a little

You wouldn't lend him a pen anymore? You evil monster!

Old man farts. One of the worst. Lol

How does Ticky Martin take off his condom? He farts

That really inter-fart-sting... No I'm not good with puns.

That is not even close?

That was a train wreck, my friend.

Yes it was, 33 xD

Light some candles.

What if the grandpa has flatulence next to the candle. It'll be like a nasty smelling flamethrower.

jbombdighetty 11

who doesn't like the smell of lavender mixed with fart?