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Today, I found out my no-work-experience brother has just accepted a 50k/year job. He is still in school and has never had a job. I work as an intern for 11 hours a day, get rude emails from my boss, and have 3 degrees and 5 years work experience. FML
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By  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Put down the hater-ade you're sipping and look for a better job. If your internship will lead to the job of your dreams, stop worrying about what others have. A lot of people have it better than you but it shouldn't affect your life. He didn't force you into your situation nor is he preventing you from changing it.

  at0micmin3r  |  23

Without arts, #6. There would be no vibrancy in this world. But it's okay, seeing as how you're probably still living at home with Mommy, with no job, and no education.


#9 I bet that's what your long haired alcoholic professor tells you isn't it? and actually I'm majoring in marketing and banking and finance.
#15 me and lois are just friends with benefits

  Sammara  |  0

@TheRealFamilyGuy: I have an arts degree-theatre tech, in fact. I got work in my field right away, and got a "real job" teaching soon afterwards. That job allowed me to use my degree in a creative way, and gave me time to use it in a more traditional way in outside contracts. That degree has now allowed me to get into one of the more prestigious education graduate programs in the country, as I decided I didn't want to work in professional theatre anymore. Don't knock an arts degree; knock the people who don't know how to use them!

By  iheartglasses  |  0

Everyone believes in luck. How else do we explain the success of those we dont like? :) At least you can say you worked for what you have. People who work for things generally care more about the outcomes that come from it.

  vb68_fml  |  28

Exactly! Stop being jalous and look for à better job. And change your beliefs. If u stay in such a job u think u deserve to be treated like that...the question is why??? So be sure you can get a better job where u will be properly treated and go get it !!! Life can be good to you


That's a pretty naive thing to say. Sure there are ways to bypass school and do well, but that's not going to work for everyone. Not everyone can create something like Facebook and make millions. Also you won't get very far in certain fields without being well educated in it, for example physics or chemistry.

  olasong  |  3

You make a valid point but now days school is becoming second option for kids, as I am one myself I went to a diffrent school every couple of months till I eventually left in year 11. I'm now 18 and running a successful business whilst studying to get my degrees up for my resume. There is no reason you can't do both.

By  OhSnap_NoWay  |  0

Man that suck big ones, you worked your tail off and your brother just got handed a job. Oh well just wait a couple years and you will be making 5 times his salary