By itwasathtebottomofmycoffeemug - 14/05/2014 20:58 - United States - Santa Cruz

Today, I found out my son has a new hobby after seeing a picture on the internet: putting realistic-looking stickers of spiders at the bottom of my coffee mugs. My wife was scared half to death this morning after downing a cup of coffee and then glancing the cup's bottom. FML
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He likes to spin his web of deceit.

haha he's got a good sense of humour :).


He likes to spin his web of deceit.

Roskosity 22

Must be Venom then. Spidey's much too nice for that.

haha he's got a good sense of humour :).

most definitely. my favorite part about my mornings are when im relaxing, getting prepared for my day to come and then i get scared shitless.

badluckalex 23

I agree with #2! definitely stealing op's idea!!

Well, at least it wasn't a real spider, right?

Many creatures of evil dwell in the World Wide Web...

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Tell him to stop his habits, and not to go on iFunny anymore...

Pstraka6 20

How old is your son? If hes 10 okay that's kind of funny, now if hes 25 thennn maybe thats just be obnoxious

48, married, awaiting second grandchild.

I'm sorry, 48, but I don't know many people who are 48 and have grandchildren. My parents were 48 when I went highschool, so it might just be where I'm from, but that's not exactly something that's all too common. Or it's just a part of the joke, and I'm taking that comment way too seriously.

#56. have a kid at 16, and when the kid is 16 she/he has a kid... at that point you could be 32 with grandchildren. My ex-sister-in-law was 32 when her son had his first kid. And she was 34 when he had the second grandkid. All kinds of stupid was going on there. Just thank your stars for growing up where stupid isn't the most common denominator.

58, I was actually thinking about people having kids at sixteen, and I really am thanking my lucky stars.

On the other hand, if the coffee wasn't enough, I'll bet your wife was extra wide-awake after she noticed the spider!

Reminds me of that meme "That's the evilest thing I can imagine."

if only we could comment with pics. but then this would be ifunny.

That's actually kind of an awesome prank. You would have to make sure to pour the coffee for the person you were pranking so they didn't see it prematurely.