By banana2894 - 10/08/2012 04:40 - United States - Eugene

Today, I looked over at the car parked next to me and noticed a very large woman plucking her mustache. She locked eyes with me and kept plucking. After that, every time I looked over, she was still staring. Staring and plucking. Now when I close my eyes, I can still see her. FML
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Oh, come on. Nobody forced you to look at the lady. Just chuckle and move on.


HoboSmeller 6

Stop it you two or I'll bang your heads together!

You should have walked up to her and told her she missed a spot.

She looked OP right in the eyes and continued plucking... Like a boss!

Stare back... Then make the fap face and hand motions. Trust me, she won't state for much longer. Rule #1 on how to not be creeped. Out creep the creeper. >:D

97- what if she keeps watching you 'fap' the nightmares would commerce

Nah. That's when you make the "oh shit I just came everywhere" face and drive off like a speed demon.

Well would you rather see her looking like chewbaca staring at you?

At least she's into grooming herself right!? Right? She was about to pick her nose afterwards, but you put her off her game.

Number 2- not all people who overweight, are overweight by choice. Some have different illness that makes them gain weight and very hard to lose. And yeah, excess hair may be "gross" but again, it is in no way her fault. She obviously inherited those genes, or again as a symptom of an illness. At least she's trying to make an effort with her appearance. Rant over.

Good. Quit fml now. That was a great comment and you just refuted basic logic. We can't help entirely how we look. But we can help how we act.

Well I'd just like to say, even with the discovery of the fat gene etc etc. back in the day, regardless of whether not you had the gene, or an illness, people were skinny. People keep playing it off as we can't help the way we look, yes that's true for body features, but body structure such as excess weight, the yes you bloody hell can help the way you look. I'll be damned before I believe that 52% of Australians have some illness which makes you fat. Same with population of America, if 100 or so million people have this illness or hormonal problem, you can pluck my stash hairs and feed them to me. End of the day, regular exercise and diet will drop the weight. So please everyone face the reality, people are choosing unhealthy life styles and eating habits, sure the gene makes it harder, but I'm sure a gene in your body is not able to dictate what you eat.

TheIchiban 11

I agree with the life style bit, but not the all people used to be skinny once upon a time. Have you noticed how chunky people were portrayed in many paintings centuries ago? The majority were probably rich royalty, but not all of them were thin.

108- I never said that ALL overweight people had a medical problem, but some do have a legitimate reason. Weight gain can be a symptom of another illness, not the cause. Obviously, that's only a small percentage, but my point was that OP and others shouldn't be judging people when they don't know the circumstances surrounding

Oh, come on. Nobody forced you to look at the lady. Just chuckle and move on.

Chuckle and move on.. Reminds me when I saw some guy break some sort of flexible material while shoving it in his van... I was too far to see what- but I was close enough to see the "my wife is gonna kill me look" haha good times :)

It's like a train don't want to stare, but you can't look away!

Yes I agree! I practically live by that statement :I

jacquesromualdez 12

Well, that is skill to be able to pluck a mustache without even having to look in a mirror.

You should be flattered. Most people would want to keep their plucking private. She let you share in her mustache plucking. You share an unbreakable bond with her now. Lucky you.

Oops! This was supposed to be it's own comment. My mistake.

Has anyone noticed that OP never said that he didn't like this. He also said he couldn't get her out of his head... So he must be in love!!

Unless it was one of the longest red lights ever, why did you stay parked next to her? Why not drive away or get out of the car and walk away?

mrnuleef 7

Parked, like in a parking lot. Where you park cars. But op also shouldn't have been staring. That's rude!

Haha, but why would OP just be.. sitting in a parking lot? I guess they could have been waiting for someone or something.

Still, he could have looked for another parking spot, or found something to read to keep his eyes off her.

That's the thing nightmares are made of :o that's almost worse than clowns!

I was thinking about her Thinking bout me Thinkin bout us (us) What we gunna be? Open my eyes, (Yeah) it was only just a dream...

blahblah0392 7

just a dream -Nelly (now it will remain in my head for the rest of the day)

UltimateGIRness 16

Now that song is stuck in my head.Thanks >:(

mrnuleef 7

In her head, she must've been singing "i hope that you're the one, if not, you are the prototype! We'll tiptoe to the sun, and do things, i know you like, i think i'm in looooooove again!" For those that dont know the song Andre3000-prototype. Listen to it!

pcentral 17

At least it was her moustache she was plucking. I mean, considering some of the other nastier alternatives... *throws up a little in my mouth at that thought*

just one thing you're profile pic is sexy ;)

pcentral 17

Haha thanks ;) Wish I could see yours

lol zayn is from one direction and he's taken

No. No flirting on FML unless it's funny. This is not funny. STOP.