By soso96 - 9/8/2013 08:09 - Algeria - Ouargla
Today, due to a spate of burglaries, I updated the security on my house. Latches, locks, gates, I was very proud of my work, because it’s impossible to get in! Then, the front door slammed in my face. FML
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By  iamnuff  |  11

You installed one of those locks that locks the door automatically when it shuts, didn't you?
Yeah, you'll want to take that shit off and put a normal lock back on.

They serve no purpose beyond making it possible to lock yourself out.

If you have your key in your hand/pocket then you can lock the door behind you as you leave and it takes no time at all.
Ff you don't have your key then you don't WANT the door to lock.

  Mauskau  |  35

Our lock is just a key hole, when you close the door you can only open it again with the key. I prefer it to having something like a door handle, I just have to close the door and I know people can't get in. There's a second lock for if we want to lock the door properly.