By thanks, Nemo. - United States - Hayward
Today, I let my 3-year-old daughter watch Finding Nemo on my phone while I made her lunch. I returned to find she had dropped my phone into the fish bowl so that her goldfish could see his friends. FML
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  persianninja  |  23

Yep my cousin through my iPad out a 2 story window but thankfully the case I got for it protected it sorry OP but a lifeproof case might not have been a bad idea hopefully you can get it replaced

  AshleyScruggs  |  14

6- I was wondering the same thing. I don't even trust other adults with my phone because of how expensive it is, so you can sure as hell bet that I wouldn't leave it with a three year old.

  morgasshk  |  14

Exactly my thoughts - why people insert on letting kids play with phones and tablets without being directly supervised. Lol, one slip of my daughters hand on my wifes phone whilst using a drawing app and she is into app store and making phone calls (which we catch before it proceeds!)