By Anonymous - 12/10/2012 01:51 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I'd stayed up all night to finish a detailed report. By the time I'd printed it I was late for work so I jumped in my car. Driving down the street, I saw my papers fly off the roof of my car. It was raining out. FML
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If it was raining, why would you put the papers on the roof of your car?

BeRealB 4

Time to find the reset button on your day


BeRealB 4

Time to find the reset button on your day

If only it were that easy.

ArbiterOfFML 24

were it so easy?

HahaBoy 0

This is why you always email it to yourself.

10- go to staples and buy a easy button.

I assume you pulled over instantly and ran about picking them up. If not YDI.

52, it was raining. They were obviously ruined pretty quickly there...

If it was raining, why would you put the papers on the roof of your car?

OhDearBetrayal 25

People do crazy things...when they're in love. Oh, sorry, I meant to say "when they're half dead from lack of sleep and feel like they're on the edge of being bat shit crazy for procrastinating until a day before."

They have magical things called garages. Perhaps OP put the papers on top of the car, inside the garage.

chane1100 6

Because this story is fake.

My thoughts exactly. But then I put my thinking cap on and figured he probably had some sort of garage.

BeRealB 4

Shoulda had a V8

BeRealB 4

Damn. Thought my first comment didn't post. My apologies

If you saved it go back home and reprint. You would be late but at least you would have your work.

But then it wouldn't be an fml. Just an aaaawww fuck!!!

Just reprint it

That's what I just said...

Calm down 7, you both posted at nearly the same time.

Because #7 was clearly overreacting...

To me it came across as he was a little irritated. I'll admit I could be wrong, emotions don't always transfer well through text.

18 - I am calm I was just letting #6 know in case he/she wanted to edit their comment.

By the time you had commented, it was too late for 6 to edit their comment.

I hope you have a copy of it. You should have sent it to yourself to prevent anything like this.

mercymedical 6

Why would you put papers on top of a car if its raining....?

he probably has a garage.

At first I wondered why you would put your papers on the roof of your car when it's raining. But you stayed up all night and are most likely not thinking straight from sleep deprivation.

Why has no one considered the fact that they might have a garage..?

'Remove head from sphincter, then drive!'

You put important papers on the roof of your car while it was raining out.. For your sake I hope you did that while your car was in the garage, and not in the already wet outdoors.