By Anonymous / Friday 12 October 2012 01:51 / Canada - Toronto
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  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

People do crazy things...when they're in love.
Oh, sorry, I meant to say "when they're half dead from lack of sleep and feel like they're on the edge of being bat shit crazy for procrastinating until a day before."

By  annie_nk  |  22

At first I wondered why you would put your papers on the roof of your car when it's raining. But you stayed up all night and are most likely not thinking straight from sleep deprivation.

By  TurtleSmile  |  14

You put important papers on the roof of your car while it was raining out.. For your sake I hope you did that while your car was in the garage, and not in the already wet outdoors.


Today, while at work at a call center, I got a call from an elderly man who needed a new credit card because he'd accidentally cut up his own card instead of his wife's. Trying to be funny, I said "Trying to keep her in line, eh?" Turns out his wife had just died. FML

By kbug95 - / Saturday 3 January 2015 20:20 / United States - Avondale

Today, at work I grabbed some customer keys off the board. I was checking out their cool flashlight keychain. At the exact moment I realized it wasn't a keychain, I pepper sprayed myself directly in the right eye. FML

By jdubious - / Tuesday 28 April 2009 07:47 / United States
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