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  Person000  |  0

oh please people saying "so what?" Think about it. Unless you have a very weird & personal relationship with your parents,
it would be suppppper awkward.

By  fleurika  |  0

I've done that, lol, except the vibrator was under the covers somewhere and I didn't make the bed. My mom is OCD and I hoped and prayed she wouldn't come in and make my bed for me while I was on my drive back. I only live 45 minutes away from my college so it wasn't too bad :)

By  0___0  |  9

You parents shouldn't be in your room while you're gone, anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. And if they do find it and get mad at you or something, tell them that they should respect your privacy and (since you're in college you probably are 18+) you're an adult and that you (probably) bought it yourself. Hopefully they aren't the religious type like someone before me said.

  austyballs  |  6

Last time I checked, if it's not OP's name on the lease or mortgage then there's no obligation to respect her privacy. When you're parents say "it's their house so it's their rules" they have a point. She doesn't own that room. However, OP, I am so sorry for you.

By  TryToBeKind  |  0

If you're dependent enough on your parents to be worried about what they think of you, you're not mature enough to have sex toys.

#8. Um, no. That "I'm 18 and can do what I want" attitude has Being 18 doesn't make you mature and clearly, the OP's attitude proves that. No one deserves absolute privacy in their room just because they're 18. Until you can afford your own place, you're not entitled to it.

  Grimmerie  |  31

i care plenty about what my mother thinks of me. she's my best friend in the world. that doesn't mean i can't have toys. i'm a responsible, mature adult, and my body is my business. what does sexuality have to do with caring about my parents' opinion, anyway?


So what you're saying is if you care about what your parents think then you're not mature? Hmm sounds like the opposite to me. A lot of mature people care about what their parents think, everybody should. You are probably some ornery man/woman who treats their kids like you're God, huh?

And no, the whole I'm 18 and I do what I want attitude doesn't have to go, because legally when you are 18 you can do what you want if the law allows it. EVERYONE deserves absolute privacy in their own room unless they have mental issues or suicidal problems. You probably raid your kids room.
And maybe she can afford a place if her own, but her parents want her to stay. People like you need to shut the hell up.