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By  nonsensical  |  26

I've learned to always empty my pockets before sitting on the toilet. OP has now learned as well. I'm sorry for your loss, OP

  nonsensical  |  26

I have a purse (it doesn't matter but I'm a woman)--but sometimes it's easier to keep my phone in my pocket. Once I had to use the restroom and forgot I had it in there, needless to say it plopped right out (the phone). It didn't fall in the toilet but the screen did shatter!

  Zebediabolical  |  39

In the early days of the graphical internet, I'm talking NCSA Mosaic 1.0, there was a website called 'Daily Dump'. It was exactly what it sounds like. Some random dude taking a picture of his daily dump and posting it to the internets.


I don't think OP is upset about the fact that it was money from Easter, but that they literally flushed money down the toilet. They probably just added that it was from Easter so we'd have a little more info.