By GrumpyBunny - 28/03/2016 07:27 - United States - Marysville

Today, I learned the true meaning of "throwing money down the toilet" when pulling my pants up, somehow my $100 Easter money fell out of my pocket mid flush. FML
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Try and use your front pocket first. Sorry bout that op


Try and use your front pocket first. Sorry bout that op

dbt88 15

If OP is a girl, a lot of girls' pants don't have front pockets. It blows a lot sometimes.

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I've learned to always empty my pockets before sitting on the toilet. OP has now learned as well. I'm sorry for your loss, OP

"Okay, my wallet, phone, headphones, spare change, a pencil, some lint, pack of gum oh and my condom. Ah now I can shit."

It's called a purse....I mean.....wait no. You're right. Man bag.

Or you can do what my friend does and call it a "murse" man+purse=murse. :)

Alup132 22

It's called a satchel! (It's a reference.)

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I have a purse (it doesn't matter but I'm a woman)--but sometimes it's easier to keep my phone in my pocket. Once I had to use the restroom and forgot I had it in there, needless to say it plopped right out (the phone). It didn't fall in the toilet but the screen did shatter!

It's technically a purse... people just add "man" onto things so it doesn't sound feminine (i.e "man purse", "man washer" etc)

Where would one hire this "man washer"?

I'm more confused as to why he flushed before pulling his pants up...

I bet the person who made that saying had some sort of inspiration....

easter pocket money?! jesus christ! how's trump supposed to make america better than now!? btw, i'm sorry about your money, OP. Hope you sort it out somehow! ;)

I swear there's dislike bots or something. there's no reason this should be disliked

This is somewhat of a useful case for people who are weirdly preoccupied with viewing their dumps before flushing.

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There are dozens of us!! :(

In the early days of the graphical internet, I'm talking NCSA Mosaic 1.0, there was a website called 'Daily Dump'. It was exactly what it sounds like. Some random dude taking a picture of his daily dump and posting it to the internets.

there are these really cool inventions called wallets they tend to prevent that..

Easter wasnt about the money anyway be thankful you have a family at this time of year.

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Easter is as removed from religion as it is commercialised. I bet you're fun to drink with...

I don't think OP is upset about the fact that it was money from Easter, but that they literally flushed money down the toilet. They probably just added that it was from Easter so we'd have a little more info.

I didn't realize how expansive it was to use the toilet!