By BearGrillz - 17/08/2009 23:40 - United States

Today, there were some wasps getting in my bedroom from a hole in the frame of my window. I went outside with some spray and took out their entrance. What I didnt know is that when you spray wasps, they go the other direction. I now have 60+ wasps flying around my bedroom. FML
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I would've flipped the **** out. Looks like you need an exterminator now.




I would've flipped the **** out. Looks like you need an exterminator now.

Yeah, definitely call an exterminator before they make a nest under your bed or inside your desk :P

the_walrus 0

Have dealt with a few nests and wasp intruders like this, works much better than any spray and cheaper than an exterminator. Equip yourself with one can of aeresol and one lighter. Use together as blow torch-their wings burn in a fraction of a second leaving them helplessly squirming on the floor. Happy hunting

They wouldn't use fire in their bedroom, stupid.

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I agree with the walrus. Also, napalm is very easy to make, go ahead and make some napalm and just ignite those mothers to kingdom come!!!!!

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sounds like another FML coming... house burnt to the ground in an attempt to exterminate wasps.

just thought id let u know ur comment made me laff mor than the fml

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Aerosol Can + Lighter = Home-made flamethrower = WIN

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I don't understand why OP didnt just fill the hole with something.

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"what I didn't know is that when you spray wasps they go in the other direction." Really? Do most creatures not move away from harmful things? Do you run toward poison? YDI.

BHAHAHAHHAAHAA that is hilarious.. funny as :)... FML :P good luck..

Your retarded why wouldn't that have made sense? If someone sprayed something at you and there was an open entrance the other direction you wouldn't go directly towards the spray.....

Me would be like "**** it, **** that" *burns down house*

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i clicked both ydi and fyl. ya, that sucks. but, you should have known!!!

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Should've sprayed the other way? Whats done is done. I'm sorry. D:

get a self releasing can. The ones like roach bombs. Chuck it in like a grenade and close your door. Problem solved.

would you want to even OPEN that door in the first place? I wouldn't. Besides, if there's a single air duct, or even an outlet, you can bet they'll be in the ventilation and the air ducts. Whatever you do, do NOT use your AC or heater. Go to a motel, and stay there while you have your house fumigated.

Smart one......................................... If you use spray aren't they deaddying?

Not necessarily. A single spray does not kill a whole bunch of wasps instantly. The ones in his room probably just got a tiny whiff of the gas before they hightailed it out of there... and into his room.

that's why they make foam that instantly suffocates them all in one big sweep. try it.


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The real Bear Grylls would have used his wrecking-ball testicles to demolish the entire house, killing the colony. He would have then built a sweet mansion made out of sticks and mud, then realise he's a millionaire and go home to **** his hot wife repeatedly. In the butt. The Bear way. Edit: The Discovery channel would probably pay him to drink his piss on camera too.

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah i lmfaoed