By tubedout - United States
Today, I learned that the four girls who I assumed were my girlfriends' good friends and whom she was always talking about were actually characters from the television show, "Sex and the City." My girlfriend has fictional friends. FML
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  blargity  |  0

they probably accidentally typed "youre" because the "r" key is next to "e"
wow, you should learn to not judge people by their grammar


#75, are you his gf? lol

btw, don't be anal about the grammar problems. not everyone who comments on here speaks english as a first language. if you understood it enough to know what it should have been, then just let it go.

  ky_stone22  |  0

1. i didn't say fourth
2. and what does your comment of "and you didn't pick up on any of her other crazy tendencies" "add" to the conversation? how did you enrich everyone else's lives today?

By  hazelwolfeyes  |  0

maybe she was referring to them as a support? o.O i dont how some girls say their best friends are Ben n Jerrys when they are depressed...
at least you didnt get dumped for not being her version of edward...>.< haha

  greenltrn2003  |  0

Thats true. But im pretty sure it wasnt that the husband didnt mind...the thing is, it was probably the wife that suggested it.

No male I have ever talked to was obsessed with twilight like a lot of females are. Its kind of creepy.

  summer99  |  0

hahah OMG twilight-themed wedding!? thats hilarious. don't get em wrong, i do like twilight. but the wedding bit seems to be taking obsession wayyy too far.

  Pyrbaby  |  0

Haha I read and there was someone all pissed off that people dressed as the wrong kind of vampire for her twilight themed wedding/shower. How do you dress up as a twilight vampire? Buy body glitter so you can sparkle fabulously?

Fuck the world indeed. Twilight is the most ridiculous thing to grace the literary worls, and stephanie meyers needs to be shot for crimes against humanity.

  maverick21703  |  0

Or maybe they are nicknames for her actual friends. My girlfriend's friends will sometimes say stuff like "thats such a samantha comment" or "you sound like Carrie right now". Maybe the OPs girlfriend and her friends take that to a whole new level and just refer to each other by names from the show.

  cherrydrop  |  0

Oh man, I remember that post about the guy being dumped cuz he wasn't like "her Edward". What is the world coming to?

Also, Twilight-themed wedding? Yikes! But to each their own I suppose.