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  Wingx  |  0

I don't think she's pregnant. -_- In France, even children are allowed to drink, so I think her uncle was just trying to warn her that if she DOES get pregnant, she won't be allowed to drink anymore.

  xHaniffax  |  0

I agree with you. Everyone thinks the OP's pregnant but I think the uncle said that as a warning as in "don't get pregnant or you won't be able to drink". either way FYL

  Hugorgy  |  0

It said she was going on her "first date". I assume it's her first date ever, which leads me to believe she hasn't had sex yet, so no pregnancy. Her uncle was just warning her/trying being funny.

  SS240  |  0

38... people call the first date they have with a specific person a first date... I'm thinking you havent ever had a first date or had sex.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

#14, you're full of it, drinking in France is only after 18 years old like all over Europe.

And fyi, the uncle just wanted to ensure that the date wouldn't do much with her. She's obviously not pregnant, but now the boy thinks she is...

By  OneandOnlyOne  |  0

Are you actually pregnant? Where is the dad? Why are you dating someone that doesn't know you well enough to know you are actually pregnant? I think you already F-ed your life!