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By JLO - 18/08/2011 14:11 - Australia

Today, I noticed that a picture of me on my mum and dad's wall looked different. On closer inspection, I realised they'd recently painted over my teeth with white paint. I asked them why, and they said they looked 'discoloured'. It's my wedding photo. FML
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mgsoloist 14

Yeah, I mean why waste money on professional photo editing when you have a stick of white out?


eminemchick 19
eminemchick 19

Well maybe if you had taken care of your teeth they wouldn't have done it.

Paint over there faces and say it looks "disfigured"

TenderizeMe 0

Its not everyday you get to be whitewashed :) Take an apple.

I'm guessing they never heard of photoshop?or manners for that reason ?

HowAreYouToday 34

1960s? Isn't that when old people are born???

Paint their actual teeth white and say they looked discolored

Prankster7o7 5

Or you know, you could just forgive them? No?

GoodLookingGeese 10

Be happy they didn't make a dartboard out of your pic after all these years of wiping your ass..

practicesafesax 0

71- I never said that I have perfect teeth

ifailplzinsultme 0

No I have not. Please tell me oh so wise commenter

You fail, we shall insult you (refering to your username incase you're naturally slow) :)

daltyboy 0

71, 138 calm down we might need to give him sometime hes canadian

ifailplzinsultme 0

146- Im confused are you talking about me? I'm naturally slow and fail. I'm American so here's a glass of shut the **** up.

matthewbrazier 0

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iAmScrubs 19

I've never heard of it, but the idea sounds intriguing

Damn, one thumbs down already. Guess it sucked, haha. Hahaha, Akon^^

that doesnt clean your teeth though... so really its about the same as if she put the white paint on her teeth

3 it's what all the cool kids are doing.

37 do toothpaste not drugs! (that's there slogan).

46 and 47 ya I know the toothpaste with coral bits is a great source of iron.

mgsoloist 14
Madiluvsyuh98 2

My dentist told me the other day, that some peoples teeth are stained differently. Gray stain gives a white impression, and well yellow is considered gross.

Research is starting to find that yellow teeth are quite often healthier than White teeth.

Tobias5505 0

my teeth have a slight yellow tint

Some people have yellowish teeth, some have white teeth, everyone is different. it doesn't mean they don't clean their teeth though. normally, if your teeth are sort if yellow, then the ends of your finger nails will also be yellow, and if your teeth are naturally white then your nails will white too.

mgsoloist 14

Yeah, I mean why waste money on professional photo editing when you have a stick of white out?

StopDropNRoll 11

Maybe it was just payback from when OP use to write on their walls as a child =P

GoodLookingGeese 10

I would rather suggest a dentist and whitening his teeth...

I bet it made you look better. be grateful, not hateful

DeathMaple 3
flockz 19

white out will work wonders...

How do you know it's a guy... Seriously ( no sarcasm)

Because it has the Male sign at the top of the FML -_-

Just think, it could have been worse. They could have cut you or your bride out of the picture and replaced one of you with the person that came in the frame when it was bought.

together we can fight to keep the bad guy away. He's mean and he hurts and his name is tooth decay! We need to fight this, so we don't get gingervitis! So do you HAVE ANY OF THESE things called CAVITIES? If so, Can you PLEASE try this toothpaste? don't worry, it has a great taste! Don't let your teeth go to waste till they ache because of a few bad brushing mistakes. Use crest, because it's the best! This tooth paste you won't ABHORE because you will run FOR the STORE to get MORE. I IMPLORE you to put this in YOUR mouth TONIGHT before you sleep TIGHT to maintain a BRIGHT healthy BITE DESPITE the FIGHT to keep your teeth WHITE. made that jingle a few nights ago, thought I'd try it.

iAmScrubs 19

I read it pretending I was Akon.

a_lenzmeier 11

Yeah, it kinda sucked. Nice attempt though.

Yeah I made it when I was tired and bored. Guess I should stick to sports eh

a_lenzmeier 11

Probably. You do, however, get an A for effort.

mgsoloist 14

Why do you have that much time on your hands? And if you have so much time, why would you spend it writing about brushing habits?

29 i wrote it in like 5 minutes before bed. Trust me, I've written many poems. The average poem takes me hours and hours to perfect. Too much time on my hands? Poetry is not a waste of time to me (even though this one sucked) probably because poetry is natural to Irishman (Yeates) I'd rather be writing a dumb ass jingle than out smoking pot or creating trouble.

IcySnake 0

over half that was from south park.

mgsoloist 14

Hey, I'm not dissing poetry. By all means, go for it. It's the subject that makes me wonder lol.

A7X_LoVeee 10

I love it when people blame their stupid comments on being tired.

Tennispro349 2

#10 must have alot of friends.

Only the first line was from South Park. I made the rest up

I read it like the voice for MLK from The Boondocks.

I took the the first 2 sentences from South Park. The rest I made up...

Also, I have a lot of time because I don't sleep much. No, I don't have a wholle ton of friends, but I have a few really good ones. Quality over quantity

ifailplzinsultme 0

Hold up, did you say GINGERvitis? You're right, it's a horrible disease.

snuffypeacee 0
athena3100 9

Crest always makes me sick :/

That's exactly the kind of simple-minded comment I would expect from someone who's profile picture is monster energy

Tennispro349 2