By sadsenior - United States
Today, I was excited because I was going to get my college decisions back. I put all of the letters in order of my preference. Didn't get into my first choice. Denied from my second choice. Rejected from my third choice. Wait listed on my back-up. Accepted for a job at Target. FML
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By  mle011  |  0

Yeah, you deserved this. You probably overshot way too much...and a back-up is supposed to be an easy state university or something. Seriously. It's not hard to get into college.

By  PureGold  |  0

I think you overestimated yourself a bit and applied to colleges you realistically didn't have much chance of getting into. Perhaps you needed to do more research? That really sucks though, as it is pretty late in the year :(. Are those all the schools you applied to? If you're waiting for more letters, take that job at Target so you'll be able to pay your way through whatever school you do end up at lol.