By SebastianCT - 19/08/2015 17:44 - United States - Tampa

Today, I learned that it's possible to get hit by a bird while bungee jumping. FML
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And that bird learned you can get hit by a bungee jumper while flying


Now THAT is an FML I wouldn't want to see

chrisbeaudoin 26

You wouldn't see it, they'd probably be dead, ever wonder why nobody has weote any fml's that bad?

And that bird learned you can get hit by a bungee jumper while flying

Please don't tell me it was a Pelican. That wouldn't have ended well.

Imagine being the bird, flying all peacefully, then suddenly BAM A HUMAN!

guess I'll take bungee jumping off my bucket list ?

Why so? The case of being hit by a bird is like 1 in a million. That's like saying I should stop drinking water because I might choke :) DOOO IT AND HAVE FUN!

koganti 18

I feel so sorry for that bird..

On the bright side, at least it makes a good story for you to tell in the future

"Today, I was flying to go feed my kids who are too you to fly and I bumped into a human and dropper the food I had. I didn't realize that I had to be careful of humans in the sky too. FML"

askullnamedbilly 33

Proofreading is your friend, #11.

#11's FML deserves a place in the "Best of the Worst" FMLs.

Whoopsie! Still getting use to my phone

Too me to fly? What are you saying I can't fly?! How rude, you don't know me.