By yaa

Everyone's an expert

Today, my sister's husband, who's never even been to college let alone medical school, told me that my cancer is not hereditary, despite a deep family history. He instead swears it's due to my "poor lifestyle and eating habits." Mind you, he's a 300 lbs, fall-down drunk with multiple DUIs. FML
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  Jaymail  |  17

DUI stands for Driving Under Intoxication. A person is only allowed to have so much alcohol in their blood before the law feels they’re impaired enough to not be able to safely drive.

By  sickerthanyou  |  13

Well, he clearly shows motivation to be a doctor and researcher!. You should encourage him to research on how people die young from obesity and stuff him full of McDonald’s

By  Taylor Caldwell  |  10

It is a very small percent of disease that is hereditary most people confuse genetics with lifestyle and eating habits that run in families.