By superjstorm - 13/09/2009 14:00 - Philippines

Today, I went to the mall and couldn't find a parking spot. After circling around for 20 minutes, I finally saw a shaded spot in the uncovered parking lot area under a tree. It turns out, I parked under a coconut tree. I could tell from the coconut planted into my hood. FML
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Put the coconut in the car and shake it all up... not perfect, but it will work.

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YDI for illegal parking (never mentions illegal parking, but why should that stop me from spouting arsewater), bad driving and DUI kills loads of people these days (and in no way is the OP displaying DUIs or bad driving, so I'm a total idiot).

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Then get your car fixed. geesh.

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YDI for being a ******* idiot who makes fake FMLs Is your hood made out of marshmallow? Or was the palm tree 50 feet tall? Did a monkey hurl it down at the ******* hood? Otherwise, a normal coconut cannot pick up enough velocity to embed itself into the metal hood of a car, it's impossible. Learn physics, ************

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I agreed with #12 And free coconuts!

What a stuck-up Filipino. You're in the PHILIPPINES! AT LEAST YOU -HAVE- A CAR! Many of your fellow people would trade their current way of getting around, with a dented up car like yours!

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i dont think a coconut would have been implanted in your hood

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"Gia", you're a ******. This is why. Way to state the obvious? Geeeeesh. Yeah. OP has bitching rights so don't act annoyed. Why? It's fml. That is the purpose of this site, you hideous tool.

^@tgd4444 DUI only causes 37% of fatal accidents just saying

The shaded park was emptey for a reason..

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Put the coconut in the car and shake it all up... not perfect, but it will work.

That is funny, FYL indeed. I usually have a smart ass remark for people, but this is just straight bad luck.

LoL Darn, I put a comment I was writing for another forum into this one. How I did that I do not know....GG IE

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This has been posted before like 100-200 pages ago. I was just reading it.

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If you read 100-200 pages of FML posts, you must not have a life. FYL.

KaySL, I noticed you tend to yawn after several of your posts. Maybe you should put the computer down and get some sleep, or, if this site just bores you, find something better to do - don't worry, FML will make do without you.

@ #10 well clearly this MUST be a fake because we all know that there is only one car and one coconut tree in the entire world! Well spotted *golf claps*

when life gives you a ciconut, make a pinot colada!

coconut* pina colada* Actually, the "n" should have the tilde over it, but my keyboard doesn't have that character. Either way, it's not "pinot". That's a type of wine. /end spelling nazi

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