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Today, I kissed a boy I have liked since the first day of university. I was thrilled until he followed it with, "Right, I don't think we should tell anyone this happened. Not that they'd believe it anyway." He then patted my ass and walked away. FML
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If a man is ashamed to be seen with you, or to have it known that you are together, he really isn't worth your time.

He's too young to say that he's seen an ass like that.


He's too young to say that he's seen an ass like that.

Wtf are you talking about? That's totally irrelevant to this FML. Read the FML properly before attempting to get first comment.

Wtf are you talking about? That's totally irrelevant to this FML. Read the FML properly before attempting to get first comment.

pattheaninal 9

he should've commented on your cherry chapstick.

fucking fuck that sucks, jesus CHRIST!

teemooegan 9

ohjeeez what did you say?! THAT SUCKS OP! dont bother going back for him hes a first class bag of douche!

I hope you tell everyone how much of a di&k he is

Wow, that sucks. Well atleast you know that he is not the one? Hahaha better lucky next time OP!

don't be mad bec that happen to you

octinate 17

he should have did that after y'all had sex

iSitt 0

as he walked away he yelled "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Hmmm_ok 0

lol sooooo what does this say about you?

chester75 5

hahaha nope close but no cookie

Or create your own personal strain of STD. It's like an artist's signature.

Sorry wrong spot.

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he played you haha keep looking hoe between luck next time

FIRST and haha that sucks, dumbass

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more like, FIFTH.

your profile pic is awesome 15

natcor8 0

That's not that bad Second rawr I was almost first

RawrBunneh 0

hahahahahahahha, I would have been like bitch get back here!

and say what? "BITCH get back here! and fuck me!" ???

And do my taxes!

haha yer right too

exodushatred 4

no you wouldn't have

nomnomsarah 3

lmao 48's picture= WIN!!

Pb25797051 0

Wow you seem so mad. I'm so scared. You deserve to be hit more and be abused. @177

177- But two rights make a... Down....?

chester75 5

damn that sucks, he wasn't worth it in the first place nobody should be treated that way

true if I were u I would tell everyone and if he denise it kick him in the balls if he has any and make him tell the truth!!!

ugh stop using that word...

chester75 5

epic epic epic epic

Pb25797051 0

36, if you kick a guy in the balls for that reason, you don't deserve love or respect. not that you're getting it anyway Bitch

chester75 5

if 36 wants to kick the guy then it's their decision, there's no need to call people bitchs

Pb25797051 0

139, YOU are a DUMBASS! yes it is a reason!! Shes a bitch! do u know how much it hurts to get kicked down there? so if i hit a girl (which i wouldnt) then its ok? you think its ok to hit guys in the balls them you will be forever alone. If you kick a guy in the balls for that reason=u are a bitch

Pb25797051 0

Wow. idiot do you know how much it hurts to get kicked down there? If you do it you don't deserve love and you are a bitch

chester75 5

I'm aware of the pain, why can't you make your case without the use of verbal abuse.

chester75 5

what are you ten. if you are it explains the woody picture

As a female my rule is if it's an unfair fight use unfair means. I only kick in the nads if he pulls out a knife and there isn't enough distance for me to book it or grab my own weapon.

avatar0810 15

if u can't be a man and take a hit to the balls and still be standing you don't deserve the right to call anyone that.

chester75 5


Pb25797051 0

ok then, idiots. now don't complain about child birth either, and I you guys think you are so tough. lollol, how about you women don't complain about child birth and just deal with it. thats exactly how you treat us when we get kicked in the balls. btw, you are saying women are always weaker *unfair fight* and how is it right to kick a guy in the balls just because he denied something??

Pb25797051 0

and yes, I do have the right to call an abusive woman who kicks men in the balls for no reason a bitch. I call them that because its true and you know it. If you deny it, you are even a bigger bitch

hawty12345 0

163- SHUT UP. My hurts to read your comments, theyre that annoying. And please, for the sake of us all, learn how to spell right. I dont see why you care so much about getting kicked in the balls. We all get it would hurt, and i dont see why you even brought up child birth. If OP kicked him in the balls, then he would probably learn pretty damn fast not to disrespect women and touch them there so fast. If she doesnt, then she doesnt, and he can go on thinking thats fine. Stop making such a big deal about it.

Pb25797051 0

Oh really. I really care about my grammar online. who fucking cares? If it bothers you I suggest you get a life. And 167, women sure love to be disrespected. they always stay with the jerk and you can't deny that. you know its true. Btw, it bothers me because so many retarded hypocrites like you think its ok to kick guys in the balls but then freak out when a guy defends himself.

RandomNchic 1

yeah ... he deserved a kick in the balls for the disrespectful pat on the ass ... that was unreasonable

hawty12345 0

Me get a life? That made my fucking day. Im not a grammar nazi, but if youre trying to make a point, you might want to actually sound smart..Though with a dipshit like you that would be hard... Oh really? Does it sound like i like getting disrespected? I sure as hell dont, and plenty of other girls out there agree unless theyre a hooker or some shit. So, yes, i CAN deny that girls dont like getting disrespected, smart ass. And yes, i would expect him to defend himself. Which is fine, who wouldnt? But if i kicked him in the balls, he deserves it anyway so i wouldnt really give a fuck about kicking him anyway.

You pushed the wrong fucking button with that last one. Women only stay with jerks cause there's an abundance of them, and if you want proof read your last comments asshole. And who can compare child birth to nad smashing? No one, because no one had been through both. When I said unfair fight, I was talking about knives not gender differences. Read, it comes in handy. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? Watch it and then think long and hard about your grammar. You called someone online that you don't even know a bitch, can we all just pretend your balls have dropped so we can move on? I think you actually need your balls smashed so that you cannot reproduce. It will save everyone agitation in the long run. Final note- Start citing other comments when you argue cause I swear you're just pulling arguments out your ass and I don't want to know what else is stuck up there.

Pb25797051 0

"But if i kicked him in the balls, he deserves it anyway so i wouldnt really give a fuck about kicking him anyway. " "he deserves it anyway" If you think that, you deserve to be abused and hit. And why should I try to sound intelligent? What fucking benefit do I get from that? If you kick him in the balls, he should slap you across the face as hard as he can. That doesn't even compare to being kicked in the balls. You are one of the reasons why I lost faith in alot of the female gender

hawty12345 0

Thank you!

Please tell me that means you're going gay. Another point for the ladies!!

hawty12345 0

173- Dont you fucking dare say i deserve to be abused and hit! DONT YOU FUCKING DARE. I grew up with that shit. And trust me, i know how to handle stupid little things, like you for example. (And that "thank you!" comment wasnt for you.) If youre enough of a pussy to make this big of a deal over your balls, which you sound like youre missing, then your a fucking pussy and need to man up. If someone gets kicked in the balls then they deserve it. And hitting the person back would just make things worse, especially if the nut kick got them even. Two wrongs dont make a right, mother fucker.

Pb25797051 0

Me starting arguments? Look dipshit, this is what I do and I'm not going to stop for your ass. Dumbass. and grammar, who the fuck cares? if you care, you have a sad life faggot

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177- Of course you deserve to get hit are you kidding me? When does the guy have to kiss back when the girl makes a move on him? The guy took a step back realized he could better and moved off. Thus saying we shouldnt tell anyone. his probably popular and this would stain him. God forbid a guy kiss a girl without the girl calling bloody rape like what happen in the FML. Now for your judgement. Hitting someone is extremly awful unless they didnt hit you you dont hit them. SIMPLE. But hey maybe if i see your boyfriend/husband beating the shit out of you, YOU Must Deserve it with your thinking. now most guys would agree if my attitude a guy or girl or fucking alien hits you first then fuck it your fucking somebody up. I hope to God you never kick a guy in the balls and hes a dude like me. Oh and if you reply dont call me a pussy repeatdly because that makes no sense at all....

Grammar nazis Please Forgive me. That was my first FML comment.

misa08 0

im sorry he was a jerk, it wasnt ment to b

emilyxorawr 3


dont mind if I doツ ✔haha

born_hustla 26

dudes like that make guys look bad

ShadyFTW1 0

Lmfao, creepy as that is, it's still a win.

1234USMC 0

68 fucking win!!!

If a man is ashamed to be seen with you, or to have it known that you are together, he really isn't worth your time.