By Anonymous - United States - Schaumburg
Today, I kept hearing a child creepily giggling in my living room. I couldn't sleep and got so scared that I started considering hiring an exorcist. Long story short: be careful if you have Bluetooth speakers, because your dickhead neighbor might hack them and start fucking with you. FML
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  CODplayer4lyfe  |  24

I've heard stories about people hacking into baby monitors and doing creepy shit, scaring the hell out of the baby and the parents. There are some fucked up people in this world.


That's if the monitor is connected to the Internet. I heard that story too. People from Europe were watching monitors. Makes someone think twice about installing a security system. As for the Bluetooth speakers, usually the pin code is the same or it can be easily linked to if close enough...

  Mama4ddk  |  15

What brands of bluetooth speakers were those? I got a little brother I owe for all the BS he put me through while he was growing up. I'm ten years older than he is. I'm sorry that your neighbor was messing with you but you just gave me an amazing idea to work with.

  theTravinator  |  21

I'd say OP should create a more elaborate prank- complete with fake blood, fog, and a fucked up satanic doll operated by an RC and chase them around the house.

Or ya know... Do nothing and not get arrested for breaking and entering, but that's boring

  FMLusername969  |  21

Its actually super easy to connect to a bluetooth speaker. You simply turn on bluetooth from whatever device your using and OPs speaker would pop up in a list (as long as speaker is turned "on".
Then hacker would hit connect. Done.

  Tristan_Afro  |  17

IKR. I hate when people use "hacking" and "hacker" like that. Same for social media. Going on someone's IG or FB because they forgot to logout is not hacking!