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Today, my downstairs neighbours screamed at me for making so much noise that I woke their children up and made them cry. The noise was the sound of a loose floorboard shifting as I crept to my bathroom, and again on my way back to bed. They've sworn to get me evicted. FML
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I highly doubt they'll be able to make a good case against you to evict you in front of your landlord (unless they make stuff up). Keep your chin up, don't take shit from shitty neighbours!


I highly doubt they'll be able to make a good case against you to evict you in front of your landlord (unless they make stuff up). Keep your chin up, don't take shit from shitty neighbours!

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What don't people get about living in an apartment. You have neighbors and are going to hear them. Is it pleasant? No but that's just apart of living in an apartment. Besides tell them their crying kids keep you up at night.

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I don't think pissing his bed will effect his neighbors at all

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Because of the little male sign in the upper left corner... *facepalm* I'm on the FML app but I know for a fact it's also somewhere on the website, as well.

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*you're Avoid grammatical errors when calling someone stupid. That's just embarrassing.

Hey 80, you should try to avoid sentence structure errors when attempting to insult someone. You have no subject, just a predicate. We all know "that's just embarrassing." Just saying (:

"Should have" At any rate, OP, I bet that neighbor's little brats disturb your peace. Not to mention that floorboards creak sometimes. I'm sure that whiny mom doesn't have a case against you.

Pretty sure if it's creaking floor boards you won't get evicted. If they complain you landlord should have to get the floor fixed to avoid further complaints. Good luck with those neighbors!

If it's that bad of a problem, it should definitely be checked out. Use your tippy toes in the meantime!

OP crept that most likely means they were using their 'tippy toes'

Plus it's not their problem to fix the boards, it's the landlord's.

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Have you ever lived above someone? Every step you make basically makes a sound and I was really small at the time. We use to always get complaints and our neighbor would take a broomstick and hit their ceiling even if it was 2pm -_- It's hard to not make any footstep noises :-P

I used to have a neighbor like that below me. No matter what time of day they'd bang in the floor at the slightest noise and complain to the landlord that we were making banging noises all day and night! We finally had to move apartments cause the complaining and banging got so bad. I did think it was funny when they kept complaining AFTER we moved out and no one was there.

48) Sadly, some people just want a reason to complain.

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Wow that proves your case to bad you're the one that had to do all the work moving your stuff

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Scream at them for keeping you awake with the crying babies.

Take them to court because thats just not fair

He can't sue over this.. If he were to get evicted maybe, but I highly doubt it...

Why do people think the answer to everything is suing?

There are no logical reasons he can sue them for.

Agreed #28 it's just sad and pathetic :/

You can't take a person to court just because something isn't fair. He should talk to his landlord about the problem.

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Geez that neighbor is overreacting just a tad bit :-(

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Yes, that I the whole point of this fml.

Get a bedpan. Problem solved. Your welcome.

Then throw the bed pan contents out the window on her head like they do in old Europe.

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What do you mean, my welcome!? O.o