By santasadiekins - United States
Today, I was camping out under the stars on my trampoline. I was just about asleep when I felt a tickle on my arm. Figuring it was an ant, I brushed it off. The rest of the red ants crawling up my arm didn't like that. FML
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  Keyman1212  |  14

I'm curious to know if "red ants" is what we folks in Texas call fire ants. Because if those were fire ants, fuck your life, hard. I knew of a family who actually lost their 7 year old son because he got bit so much.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

And they creep me out to fucking Hell!!!! OP your life is definitely worth an FML but hey! With you there's an added bonus!!! :D years and years of therapy and a constant nagging urge to kill, and yet at the same time stay very far away from, every ant on the face of this earth!!!! :D aren't you happy?! :D

  sxe_beast  |  11

Fire ants can actually kill you in mass numbers...especially if you're allergic to fire ant stings.

I was in a nasty situation where I was thrown off a horse and rolled right into a fire ant colony. I was swarmed and I went into anaphylactic shock.

Not cool.

By  elmogoezRAWR  |  0

For my next plan, you will need:
Duct tape
Justin Beiber poster
Air freshener
A cucumber
A mirror

Come back up to those ants and be all "Bitches, you best not mess with this gangsta" and if they don't surrender immediately, use the items I have listed above. Repeat.

For bonus points, pimp those ants out to some bees.