By NCanalyst - 11/11/2009 20:28 - Norway

Today, I interviewed potential employees for a job position that I was supposed to get promoted to. FML
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Rhaegar 0

Man, my dad has been there. Very unpleasant.

loooooooooool_fml 1

Oh god people. The OP was "supposed" to get the promotion, probably the boss told that to the OP, then changed his/hers mind and decided not to. Is it really that hard to figure out?


Rhaegar 0

Man, my dad has been there. Very unpleasant.


They are making a real living? They have a job and earn money. You do what?

HolyBlasphemy 0

^^^^^ eskimo brothers?

scarface236 0

he sits on FML all day reading others pain while his mom calls him for dinner


That must have stung quite a bit. FYL indeed. Second! :)

That's when you interview a few people and tell your boss you're the only one qualified.

I agree. YDI for not speaking up about not getting promoted.

EqualycrazyyJen 0

wow..... that really sucks. FYL dude..

I agree with number 7.

I agree with #5

Well than fuck you, with all due respect.

With all due respect, I will.

No thanks, I'll pass.

:( but I'm not a fat 43.5 yr named Bishop who lives in his roomates basement and eats exactly 43.78 oz of cheetos... So why not?

Oh damn! How can i pass that up?

Honestly! You'd be crazy to pass up on this hot smokin' bod. My dick stretches from A to Z on the keyboard. Yeah, it's THAT big!

If only I were gay...

Trust me, see me and you'll become SUPERGAY!!!

I'ma have to say no... Sorry.

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone.

TY. Good luck in finding a straight person.

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MaelstromXC 0

Depends on if it,s a QWERTY or a DVORAK keyboard.

norway represent!

Perhaps I'm just being ignorant here, but why do you think you deserved that promotion? Either you didn't deserve it (but you think you do), or did you piss someone off up the chain?

That was wierd "I agree with number seven" Yet you're number four.. 0.o...

I am a god and I see past, present, and future as one entity in a four dimensional world.

spiderman0606 0

Our world is four dimensional.

*bows down*

jverley 2

"Supposed to get"? Why do you think it was your entitlement. Your job is convince your leaders that you deserve the promotion. You clearly failed in that task.

Norway is wonderful, yet totally socialist.

Towelie_31 0

when stuff like this happens to me, i like to ask myself what would O.J. do? Then I realize I can't do what O.J. would because I don't have an ex-wife, a go go action bronco, or leather gloves :(

perdix 29

All I agree with is that your ability to read your boss's mind is #2.