By Anonymous - United States - Portland
Today, I was told I've secured the job I applied for at my local hospital. Being just 19, this is a great opportunity, and I told my parents. They angrily asked if I'd applied just to get access to drugs, then demanded to know how I'd managed to pass the drug test. Thanks for the confidence. FML
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  imyy  |  20

Sounds like they may be a bit guilty, suspecting you so strongly without reason! Swipe their pee (somehow), use it for your test (when they test you at home), and when you fail - tell them you used theirs :-)

  MrBurnard  |  7

Do people never look from the parent's perspective.. Why did they ask that, is she a known or recovering addict? Parents, okay not all, but generally wouldn't be arseholes for no reason

  skulltorn  |  8

After seeing the word "arsehole", I'm going to assume you are not American. Let me tell you something about the United States, parents here are complete assholes!!!! Most have good intentions but are still asshole.

  dorworters  |  9

youre aware that a pharmacist and a doctor...are not the same thing...right? you seem to be under the impression that what you said is the sarcastic version of the comment to which you replied.