By Anonymous - 14/01/2010 00:05 - United States

Today, I went on an interview for a job that I had been wanting for months. I thought everything was going great. On my way out, my interviewer asked me to recycle something for him. I agreed. It was my resume. FML
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harsh! what an asshat.

you talk like a prick.


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loll omgg thas soo messed uppp!! iim sryy .=( therz always more jobz avaiilabilee

you talk like a prick.

therz always more jobz avaiilabilee therz always more jobz avaiilabilee therz always more jobz avaiilabilee therz always more jobz avaiilabilee

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so......he got the job?

harsh! what an asshat.

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At least you won't have to wait around wondering if you'll get a call back. You can also reuse that resume, hey!!

Question, Is that supposed to be pronounced ass shat, or ass hat?

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well that's a new one #2 

Ur picture is hot 55

wow that sucks like big time

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@ whataloadofb nice grammar (;

If he acts like he's 5 then why in the hell would you even want to work there?

Oh, I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're in a horrendous economic state right now, and even HAVING a job of any kind is considered good fortune amidst a growing community of unemployed constantly searching for even a minor source of income? When you're in desperate need of money, the behavior of your boss tends to not matter as much.

ooph, that's rough, man. sorry.

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He could have been testing you to see what you would do. Or not

this is fake. an employer has to keep your resume and application on file for atleast 30 days.

What the hell makes you think that? An employer can take a shit on your resume and flush it down the toilet the second they get it, if they're so inclined. Some companies may have an HR policy to keep applications on file, but there is NO law against it. Stop talking out your ass.

Yet more completely uninformed legal talk on teh intertubes.

I don't mean to be a jerk, but chances are if an interviewer felt the need to be so rude you must have done something he felt warranted his response. I suggest you find someone to coach you on interview skills. I'm not sure what the best sources for this are (there are a lot of bad ones), but I know that a lot of temp agencies provide resume and interview assistance.

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he'll be posting an FML soon because the karma for that is going to suck