By Anonymous - 16/09/2015 11:25 - Germany - Felsberg

Today, I heard my boyfriend telling a female friend that his ex was so gorgeous and out of his league that it made him feel inadequate, and so he now only dates within reach. She told him he's hot enough to have anyone he wants. 30 seconds later they were tongue-deep in each other's throat. FML
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#14 That guy is just an ass she can probably stick her foot knee deep in his mouth and it would qualify as knee deep in his asshole.

Your "boyfriend" is an asshole. You dodged a bullet O.P. consider yourself lucky.

I've never understood why people ALWAYS say that I mean if they had been dating for two days or something then yeah at least it wasn't a long time in but some of these fmls people have been together for years and there's always multiple people saying "consider yourself lucky" or "be thankful it's now" like bitch there's very little good in that situation at all if your gf just made out with s guy in front of you the first thing you would want to hear probably wouldn't be "consider yourself lucky" this isn't directed at you specifically #3 your comment just reminded me of it.

I think they mean consider yourself lucky that you didn't get more invested with this person or even marry them. instead, they found out that they're the cheating type and don't have to go through legal matters such as divorce.

She's lucky she didn't have children with him. As horrible and painful as it is, it's better to find out now than waste another minute of her life with someone like that. And I realize that's always easier said then done. Sorry OP, I feel for you.

That's when you severely mutilate his body so he can't have anything he wants in life

Hm... I see no overreaction with this plan at all. OP, continue full speed ahead. You deserve so much better


Well at least you don't have to deal with that dipshit anymore.

I guess I missed the part where op said she dumped him?

apparently so did you, because it doesn't say she dumped him. however, I think it's safe to assume she did.

#73 says the person who's profile pic is hair?

#75 Says the person that has some weird anime satanic shit as your profile picture, I'm allowed to put whatever I want as my profile picture

This happens so often now it's not even a surprise, Awh well move on

My brain farted and I ran out of time to edit my comment. I meant to say it doesn't make it any less terrible. *

Christ that sounds like a rehearsed line for a pity hook up. Ditch the loser

Now your the ex that's out of his league! :)

Normally, I don't hop on the assumption train and say "DUMP HIM!" right away, but, I do hope you cut him out of your life rather quickly.