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Today, my boyfriend is trying to get me to cut my hair, wear different clothes, apply my makeup differently, and even change my morals and values to match his mother's. FML
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brocho tells us more.

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Hi, this is OP! I can't believe this got posted! Anyway, he has always been a huge mama's boy and thinks that her way is the only way. She is a rather rude and opinionated woman, and has raised him to think that there is only one way to do things, and that's her way. I did talk to him and explain that I am not his mother and that I like myself just as I am and don't plan on changing, and he got pretty upset about it. We are now over, but it doesn't bother me much since this has been an ongoing issue for awhile now, and he just can't accept me for who I am. He was always trying to tell me that I should cut my long hair super short because his mom cut hers that way, and even asked me what I would do if I woke up with short hair, which concerned me. He also told me he and his mom didn't like my choice of clothing so that I should dress like she does, that I should wear my makeup like hers, and that my opinions, morals and values should be exactly the same as his mother's. It was just too much, and he got really upset when I told him no. He even suggested I quit college and my decent-paying job and get a job working with his mom for minimum wage and to draw welfare like her. He also always expected me to drive him everywhere, buy him everything he wanted, and baby him. I think I dodged a bullet, and I feel much better without all of the pressure to change.

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Ugh! What were his good qualities? Seriously, what attracted you to him? I'm glad you got out, he and his mom can have each other.

Kill his mother, wear her skin and truly become her. Bet he's gonna regret asking you to change.


incest fetish dump his ass I'm number one yeah

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Oedipus complex ;)

Make him change a lot like his gender to match your mother

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Well people usually find significant others that have traits that are similar to their parents. It happens subliminally though.

52 that may be correct but you don't try and change your partner to make them LOOK like your parents... That's just creepy.

or even act like their mother ^

I heard about some study that suggests people date those that resemble their parents.

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I could never date someone that reminds me of my parents. Talk about weird.

I heard that too! Kinda weird.

Tell him he should just date your mother instead.

his mother* Whoops.

Oedipus Rex anyone?

Looks like someone's getting some Oedipussy

Thanks to high school I know who that is.

Thanks to Two and a Half Men, so do I.


Sounds like it's time for a change... of boyfriend.

Kill his mother, wear her skin and truly become her. Bet he's gonna regret asking you to change.

or he is going to relish the thought of dating his mother's lookalike!

The Slitheens strike again.

Too far man! You're entering Norman Bates territory!

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

Tumbr is that you?

Buffalo bob over here

and the award for the most disturbing comment goes to you

Isn't it Buffalo Bill?

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I think most guys do end up marrying some similar to their mom, I know my wife is in some ways.. That being said I would never want her to look, dress or act like my mom, that's weird. Talk to him about it and if he doesn't come around to your way of thinking it might be time to move on.

I hope he doesn't start calling you "mama" during sex as well