By Anonymous - 17/02/2016 12:32 - Netherlands

Today, my now ex-boyfriend told me that I was the one. Not at this moment though, he wants to see how far he can go with his best female friend. But once he's done with her, we can be together. FML
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Dear OP, do not be the second best. You deserve better. He's a definition of an Asswipe.

You dodged a bullet, don't bother getting back together with him.


Dear OP, do not be the second best. You deserve better. He's a definition of an Asswipe.

#22 You don't want his brand, he comes already used.

Also, I'm not really sure if he'll be good at his job.

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Well he did say she was the one... That kinda negates the 2nd best. He said he wanted to see how far he could go, so it looks like the other girl is a project he's doing to challenge himself ?

No. if you think you've found the one, you stay loyal, you don't breakup just because you also want to date another person

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YDI or FYL totally depends on your answer to that. which obviously should have been, "F*ck you. I deserve better than your sorry a$$."

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Sorry. I was in a hurry and missed the "ex". I'm just glad she stood up for herself . No one deserves to be treated that way.

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She said he's currently her ex. So she's not with him anymore

But you are retarded because she's saying that because he dumped her not the other way around

#47 Maybe before you start insulting people you should read the FML again, no where in the FML does it say who broke up with who so you're the retard for calling others stupid for something you aren't even sure is a fact.

@34: I think they know that. They're saying not to date him after knowing that he's trying to get with someone else before getting with her again. Probably would have been better to say, "Don't date him again."

JohnTheDonJuan 11

#53, it's pretty obvious he dumped her. 'She's the one, but not at the moment.' And the fact he was pursuing another girl strongly suggests he broke it off. Sure there's no empirical proof that this is the case but context clues tell most of the story...

You dodged a bullet, don't bother getting back together with him.

Glad to hear he's your ex now. You deserve better.

Give that best friend a heads up too OP.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Op should not get involved in the other situation at all. From the other girls perspective, op comes off as a bitter ex who's trying to meddle. The other girl will find out the hard way, or those two will end up being happy. Neither options are any of the Op's business. And what proof is there that Op deserves better? everyone always says that in a break-up fml. Some people are giant twats that deserve exactly what they get sometimes.

#73 You sound like a twat. It's true that we don't know exactly what kind of person OP is but that doesn't mean people should be treated like they don't matter. OP came on here because she was hurt. If you had feelings for someone and they slammed them in your face like that, you'd be hurt too. It's called empathy maybe try it.

Right! Hopefully she's totally a Lesbo. Could explain why It's such a struggle for Ex to get somewhere with her.

#39 pretty sure he means her boyfriend's GUY best friend. But still a little to drastic, I'd just break up with him and find someone better.

Eye for an eye... Do the same and see how he likes it

Two wrongs don't make a right. If she did that, she would only be lowering herself to his standards, her best bet is to cut him from her life and try to move on.

Wow. Glad you're staying away from him, OP. He's an asshole and he's missing out.

Well he sounds pretty awful, you should probably keep him as an ex.

That makes no sense. Dump his loser ass.

"My now ex-boyfriend" is a strong indicator that she dumped that idiot