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  \  |  28

Her likely deeds:
1) Shoplifting a collector's edition box set of HP movies from a store.
2) Assaulting someone for disliking HP.
3) Polishing a wand.
4) Stealing a cardboard cutout of Daniel Radcliffe and taking it to a dark alley to molest it.

  \  |  28

#40 - Now I know why she was named "Moaning Myrtle."

  JennaNGood  |  21

My theory is Rupert Grint, most people love Daniel Radcliffe but for some reason, the girls (and guys) are just absolutely mad for Rupert. As indicated above...

  \  |  28

Speaking of Hagrid, the one thing I find strange that no one thinks about is how a paunchy old man breaks the news to a 10-year-old boy that he's a wizard, and urges him to come with him. "Seems legit..."

By  PleaseStahp  |  10

I admit, being a fan of something is normal. But taking it so far that you need an intervention and the cops involved? That's taking the word "fan-girling" to a whole new level...

  little_one1  |  14

You don't even know! My younger sister is fourteen and she's so creepily obsessed with One Direction that I think she needs therapy. I walked by her room a while back and heard her and her friends giggling and talking about how big they thought their peen-peen is! My other sister who is fifteen also told me that one time she walked into my youngest sister's room and she was crying and when she asked why, Maddy(14yr) said "Because I'm listening to One Direction."
"*sniffle* And what..?"

  PleaseStahp  |  10

Dear god...I admit myself that I am a fan of Tom Hiddleston, but not to the point where I marvel over the mans size and cry over him. Or to the point where I need an I said, it's ok to be a fan. Just set a limit for yourself, the Internet doesn't need anymore fan wars or people hacking into cameras to watch the celebrities in an airport...yup that happened. And guess what? It was over One Direction...