By bobbies - 15/04/2009 02:15 - United States

Today, I was telling my sister about how I am horribly depressed and how I can't function and she responded with, "Oh, shit! I've got to go Jeopardy is on!" FML
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I like how some people here says they rather watch tv rather then listen to people bitch about their lives, but they visit everyday to read about people's fml stories, which is also people bitching about their lives.


You should always time your sympathy cards. :D

aww im sorry :( how inconsiderate. ALMOST the same thing has happened to me. FYL for sure

HAHA. Well, everyone needs to test their knowledge. :)

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that's too bad, but suck it up

Go out and make some new friends. You can't choose your family, but you sure can choose your friends. Either you will get yourself out of your rut by putting yourself out there and having some fun or you will get some friends who will actually listen to you when you want to moan about how hard your life is.

She's incredibly depressed... it might be very difficult for her to make friends

Well, to be honest, I would MUCH rather watch Jeopardy than listen to one of my siblings bitch about their lives.

shes probably on her period that's all

dang that is so messed up. has happened to me before though. i hate that shit.

@10: You're an asshole. If TV is really more important to you than someone you care about, something is deeply wrong with you.