By Kftc88 - 11/01/2013 08:03 - United States - Pomona

Today, I have severe back pain that is only relieved by lying flat on my bed. I also have acid reflux that is only prevented by sitting straight up. FML
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Sit up at an angle to partially relieve both! It's bound to work!

Don't they make medicine for stuff like that?


Don't they make medicine for stuff like that?

Yep, take a couple tums and and a pain killer!

Some people do not like taking pain killers, due to the high risk of addiction. I refused to take narcotics, due to a large amount of friends and relatives, who have become severely addicted after sustaining injuries. OP could have a history of addiction, or share those personal views on narcotics.

Pain killers. Not even once.

PIlls for the acid reflux.. And then lay down for back..

~You know what might fix this? cocaine.~

get you some nexium!!

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I have acid reflux. Sometimes the medicines don't help fully. Or they may not be able to afford the meds they need for it, sometimes they get pretty pricey

I have severe back pain. the only medication that helps a bit has HUGE side effects. when you compare the side effects and how much (or how little ) it helps it's just not worth taking the risk.

She can take the tums and lay down to fix the headache.. No "addition" will happen. Problem solved.

Tums!!! Damn it auto correct.... MODS Y U TAKE EDIT TIME AWAY FROM IPHONE APP??? We need it back!

By painkillers, they mean Advil or Tylenol which do not pose a high risk for dependency.

OP can take pantroprazol (probably spelt wrong) or somac (brand name) for the reflux! Pain is way harder to manage than reflux (I find).

60, how do you know that what they meant? Anyways I have to take narcotics for my pain (Fentynal) luckily I haven't become addicted to it.

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Can't afford to get a pack of pills off the shelf at walmart ?

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43: I thought it was back pain

Sometimes medications don't workfor severe acid reflux. I have it, and have taken many different medications for it, and none of them help. I'm sorry OP!

Charity Taylor 17

it's entirely possible that they're like my boyfriend and medicines doesn't actually have any effect on them.

Sit up at an angle to partially relieve both! It's bound to work!

This actually sounds really effective, but slightly painful.

You could put pillows under your mattress so it is raised at an angle so you are laying flat but also sitting up.

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What a vicious combo. Try tying yourself to a flat board and putting it at an upward angle?

Time to find a happy medium OP. Hope you feel better soon.

I wonder if the OP has a lazy-boy recliner.

Lets hope so , good luck op!!

Call a doctor rather than going on, they can give you painkillers and something to combat the acid reflux.

not ever one can pay for them.

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Best advice I've seen on FML yet.

78. Sorry, being from a country with free healthcare, i forget sometimes that this can happen. Also i'm on my phone so i can't see where OP is from :-P why do Americans not want free healthcare again?

Charity Taylor 17

cause it takes us up to a 20 min wait for our appointments and we get treated quicker and easier as opposed to waiting forever constantly for any time we need a doctor.

Prilosec OTC and Advil. You're welcome.

Fuck gravity, go to space. Costly, but effective.

That was actually creative.

Shoulda had a V8

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Well at least you don't have unpredictable and explosive bowel movements to go along with those things. Though what you have is still quite unfortunate of a combination.

Time to defy physics