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Some people do not like taking pain killers, due to the high risk of addiction. I refused to take narcotics, due to a large amount of friends and relatives, who have become severely addicted after sustaining injuries. OP could have a history of addiction, or share those personal views on narcotics.

  lizzi02  |  13

I have acid reflux. Sometimes the medicines don't help fully. Or they may not be able to afford the meds they need for it, sometimes they get pretty pricey


I have severe back pain. the only medication that helps a bit has HUGE side effects. when you compare the side effects and how much (or how little ) it helps it's just not worth taking the risk.

  leadawg75  |  12

Sometimes medications don't workfor severe acid reflux. I have it, and have taken many different medications for it, and none of them help. I'm sorry OP!

  Jeffo193  |  13

78. Sorry, being from a country with free healthcare, i forget sometimes that this can happen. Also i'm on my phone so i can't see where OP is from :-P why do Americans not want free healthcare again?

By  missababgaga  |  19

Well at least you don't have unpredictable and explosive bowel movements to go along with those things. Though what you have is still quite unfortunate of a combination.