By Anonymous - United States - Gorham
Today, after 8 months of being belittled and treated like trash at my job as a prep cook in a high-end kitchen, I stood up for myself to the line cooks. Not only did everyone laugh at me, I got fired for causing a scene during service and insubordination. FML
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  friedpwnadge  |  25

They really must have stirred you up until you were simmering. If they weren't treating their coworkers properly then standing up for yourself was eggsactly appropriate.

  fishstick557  |  14

My uncle is a chef I remember he told me it happens to all prep cooks, he used to be one. It's kinda like firefighting. You need to work your way up with the amount of years of experience you get.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Yes but now he has no references at his last job. Common Workplace Rules:
1) Don't ever burn your bridges no matter how much you hate your job.
2) Never cause a scene where fellow employees and customers can hear you.

  twitch851  |  9

Common misconception, If you explain you did it because of harassment issues, then the Employer will understand. And if they don't, that's not a god job to begin with because they most likely will do the same thing

  TheDrifter  |  23

Do you know how many people I get come in who have been fired (often many times) who claim it's not their fault? Every one who's been fired. Somehow every job they got fired from was "abusive" and "deserved" the actions that got the person fired. All those applications go in the trash.

By  Rosebudx  |  32

Well hey, at least you've still got the experience. Now you can try to find a higher-end restaurant to take your services to, where hopefully the line cooks aren't as jerkish. Then again, I get the feeling that a lot of chefs are like that...anyhow, good luck OP!

By  MerrikBarbarian  |  9

Stood up for yourself how? Depending on if you were calm and assertive or threw a fit which disrupted service I'm torn between FYL and YDI. To my mind respect is earned. If you deserved it depends entirely on how you handled yourself.

  everton99  |  16

What do you mean call corporate? If its a high end restaurant the odds are pretty good that a corporation doesn't own it. It's gonna be owned by either one person or a small group of people.