By StromyG2 - 24/10/2011 14:54 - United States

Today I had to listen to my father lecture me on all the potential dangers of Halloween. He has a speech for every holiday, every year. I'm 28 years old. FML
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Classlfied 4

Move out

Rule 1: don't take candy from the creepy dude down the street


Classlfied 4

Move out

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Who says OP lives with him?

LiveLaughFML 10

don't forget to carry a glowstick, dress in bright colors, have an "adult" unwrap your candy and never knock on a door when the lights are off! ;-)

Damn_Hippster 11

Halloween is so dangerous! What if there is a guy dressed as a pedophile, when he actually is a pedophile. It happened to me like six times before I realized it was the same guy each year.

Watch for razor blades!

23 as odd as that may seem I had the same thought but then I looked at the gender thing.

I'm more curious about the dangers of Christmas. Seeing as how he has a lecture for every holiday.

Wow. Talk about a fucked up life. You sure got one, OP.

oh God, i can only imagine what your fathers speech is like on valentines day :O

DKjazz 20

Oh the possibilities! Chanukah: Menorah+Latkes=grease fire How about MLK day? Groundhog day? Labor day?

Haha cut him some slack, he's just looking out for you! :)

"Don't you chew the hard candy, it can be very bad for your teeth"

The car labeled "kandy" prob has a pedo in it. But the one that says "Hogwarts Express" is real; the guy even game a chocolate bar with mushrooms in it (he said it was healthy) and I got to fly with buckbeak

Agreed with 2, dad story's and lectures are the best in my opinion.

Rule 1: don't take candy from the creepy dude down the street

TheDrifter 23

Hey, I like trick or treaters. Uhmm, I mean, yeah, good advice.

Or the van parked outside...

CabooseWins 0

But those creepy vans with 'free candy' written on them have the best candy.

ikickgingers 15

Oh my van is loaded with candy. :)

Mine is loaded with children. I'll trade you kicky!

flockz 19

watch out for those scary monsters!! i heard all snow whites are secretly vampires!!

I heard all 'vampires' were secretly vampires!

I heard that the new vampires born of pop culture are gay, and not at all in the spirit of true vampires or their original inspiration.

I respect 61 >.>

tylersign 11

Watch out for the people who seem like they're in costumes.. But they aren't. Seriously. Watch out.

Haha cut him some slack, he's just looking out for you! :)

flockz 19

comment twice? MADNESS!!

I know... I'm crazy like that

flockz 19

challenge accepted.

flockz 19

challenge accepted.

U and number 2 have a lot in common

2ndSucks 15

Well til you move out you're gonna be treated like a kid.

The definite truth.

KiddNYC1O 20

It is dangerous! They broke my car window last Halloween. I hope nothing happens this year... :crosses fingers:

Even 28 year olds need to be reminded of the dangers of getting slobberingly drunk at a Halloween party and vomiting on the Naughty Nurse's shoes.

flockz 19

ya that shit was hard to clean off.

Haha well dads can be a lil over protective at times...he's only warning you about it cuz he loves you!:)