By Anonymous
Today, I was driving my dad, who recently turned 50, to the store and had to listen to him go on and on that he’s having to accept that, as my siblings and I get older and are more independent, he’s having to transition from "sex god to just a dad." I don't know either. FML
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By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

That was a loooooooong sentence.

By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

That was a loooooooong sentence.

By  davidfong  |  14

So is he supposed to be great in bed with your mom and now that he’s older and there sex life isn’t like it was when they first met, make him just a dad. This post was kinda confusing to me but this is what I I got of it

  PhoenixChick  |  26

But he didn't talk about himself get older but his children getting older...linking your own "sex god" status to your children growing up is creepy as hell. Also bizarre that he linked his children becoming more independent to being a dad.

By  KittyMack  |  13

I stay away from kids but from what I have heard, parents lose their identity and sex life for the years LEADING UP TO the kid being old enough to drive. Dude's troubles should be ending now not beginning.
Maybe it's like this: With toddlers, scoring a quickie every week or two was a huge success. But with an empty nest, if they're still only having a weekly quickie, that is a failure? But in that case, Mom & Dad just need to step up their game. Buy a feather or some wippits or something, I dunno. But it's not the kids' fault if the parents fail to restart their stalled sex life.
In any case, you don't talk to your kids about your bedroom stuff, ew!