By lonely - 24/10/2011 14:55 - United States

Today, without telling me, my mom dropped me off at my grandmother's house, and drove off. Now I'm supposed to spend the next month with her. Guess she forgot my grandma died six weeks ago. FML
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austin0023 0

Party at grandmas!!

Classlfied 4

So you have the house to yourself for a month?


austin0023 0

Party at grandmas!!

LiveLaughFML 10

lol, your mom didn't forget your grandma died six months ago. ;)

16- I'm guessing you weren't very good at comprehensive reading in school.

Did your mother put a sack over your head, like she was transporting a kidnapping victim? Wouldn't you.... I don't know, notice you were going to grandma's? I mean you have to go over a river and through the woods to get there after all.

this is so sad I can't even make a CSI sunglasses joke about this.

50 you couldn't make a CSI sunglasses joke? I guess you just weren't BRIGHT ENOUGH...

flockz 19

i guess you could say then *puts on sunglasses* you must be inside in a dark environment with all your shutters closed and therefore have no need for sunglasses, unless of course, you're a ******* hipster. YEAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!

QwertyMcNugget 0

Oh, yeahh. "Forgot".

So your mum forgot your grandma died... I call bullshit!?

xoxoemmers 4

what a nice daughter

blackheart24 10

Maybe you shoulda said something like "Hey mom, remember? Grandma died silly!" maybe? Dumbass?

She dropped you off... without you knowing? WTF? Were you asleep or something? I don't understand how you could be dropped off someplace without knowing about it. Especially if it's the former residence of your now deceased grandmother.

Wasn't there an FML a week ago like that?

Ahhh Nirvana...Grandma take me home!

33 - you're reading to much into it. ;) See what I did there?

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Party at grandma's what to do!! ---------- 1.find and put your name on the will 2.drink prune juice retirement magazines with her dentures Give me thumbs up

Hell yeah partyyyyyyy

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The awkward moment when your mom thinks grandma is planking and not dead.

Damn pop culture messing with our brains..

rallets 22

"the awkward moment" is so ******* annoying :/ cant wait til that one dies out

MeMareeh 0

85 I agree with you totally. I put it up there with '' epic fail '' & '' I'm just sayin ''.

I become slightly mad/annoyed every time someone uses the "that awkward moment when..." shit. 99% of the time it's just dumb and confuses me as to what would make the situation awkward.

That awkward moment when you say "that awkward moment when..." just to be a slight troll,

That awkward moment when that awkward moment doesn't die.

Classlfied 4

So you have the house to yourself for a month?

fthislyfe 22

People don't appreciate what they have. I'd love to live in a house by myself.

That your dead grandmother lived in?

Assuming she has the keys.

55 - people die in houses all the time and people still move in. Also, even if OP doesn't have a key, she could pick the lock or break a window. I'd love to have a house to myself!

I'm sure you would. Who wouldn't love to live alone because their mother basically threw them out? And to have no food or money to buy it for a month? Yeah, that's the good life. However, I agree with you on the first thing. A relative of mine died in my house many years ago and I don't see the problem.

kate1238 9

Unless some one else already got the house

fthislyfe 22

People die all over the world. Maybe many people are buried under your house.

stacianichole 2

Yeah, houses usually get sold when the owner dies...

house partaaayy? I'll be over in 5..

TheCarChanel 0

Hope shes got a pool

5 - You're a chick, so unless you're already ready you'll be there is 2-3 hours.

I'm always ready for a party :)

CookieMonstr19 0

167- So.True.

166- Like you have room to talk you pretty boy tool look at your profile picture.

#166: You're swine.

flockz 19

party till you drop....

dead, that is

Lyke GraNdma!!:D. Wow, she must of been a real party animal..

Dude congrats on chilling alone. Sorry for your grandma

jwade11 12

Wow I bet that gets old!!! Sorry OP

jwade11 12

Commented to the wrong passage wow I feel dumb lol... I'm sorry bout ur situation though, I know how it feels to have parents that don't really pay attention bout what's going on. Just make the best of it.

KiddNYC1O 20

Free rent!

SilverInGray 25

How does someone forget something like that? I think she just hates you.

Could be her ex's mother.

Well OP could be staying in his alive grandma's house. Because people normally have two grandmothers. So maybe the mother didn't forget, she just dropped OP at the other grandma's house.

Her other grandmother could also be dead.

Yes she very well could be.

SilverInGray 25

That wouldn't really make their grandma dying relevant to the FML then.

Actually i have a possible story that could have relevance to the fml involving second grandma. 1 OP was feeling blue because of the dead grandma, and the mother took OP by surprise with the other grandma, which OP hates, thus making him/her feel worse. OP if my grandma died i would still be devastated, i wouldn't be able to write an fML.( maybe after six week starting to get over it) Maybe you two weren't close, you barely knew her or you get over these things quickly.

TheCarChanel 0

Probly a menopause thing