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Today, I had to grab a large kitchen knife from my son, after I heard him convince his friend to join him in cutting off his finger, so they could "be assassins like Ezio." FML
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Ezio has all his fingers though


TMO2142 25

Ezio has all his fingers though

Yep, Altaïr's the one who cut off a finger.

It's true. They only cut off their fingers to get the assassins blade, but during the revolution they changed the technology. Your son is a moron.

Ya, your right. Leonardo Da Vinci told Ezio that he made some improvements to bypass the loss of the ring finger.

Plus even if he did say Altiar, cutting the ring finger off was more out of necessity to use the blade than any ceremony. Unless he plans on using a 13th century hidden blade, cutting off a finger isnt a requirment to stab someone

Well let's hope he was doing it because he thought he had to in order to become an assassin rather than so he can stab someone with a hidden blade.

I'm pretty sure the only true way to be in the order is to be branded with the assassins symbol.

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If by "necessity to use the blade" you mean that they had to vow to take no wife so that they can be completely devoted to the Order, then yeah.

The design of the blade required the removal of the finger, not a vow. In order for this flaw to be resolved, it required the knowledge garnered from an Apple of Eden.

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#72 Two or three of the characters had wives though. That has nothing to do with being an assassin in terms of Assassin's Creed

It has nothing to do with it, besides Altair, who is the only one actually cutting his finger off, has his blade on his right arm and it's the left finger that is used to symbolize marriage

So not only are they stupid, they clearly haven't played the game?

Not to mention that all of these people in the games were supposedly Desmond's ancestors, insinuating they all, at some point, married, or at the very least procreated. Desmond tapped into Altair, Ezio, and Connor.

no, in the first few creed (think just 1/2) before davinci, the blade would jut out from the dust where the ring finger generally sat, and so they cut off their right ring fingers(this also stopped them from wearing wedding rings)

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Actually, I'm pretty sure he cut off like the upper part of one of his fingers, so he could make room for the hidden blade

Right they don't cut it of they brand his finger

Yeah, Ezio never cut his finger off because it was a joke from Leonardo

How old is he? I think you need to sit him down and remind him about the difference between fantasy and reality.

And tell him that ezio didn't cut off any of his fingers

Yeahh, if your son and his friend thought that was a good idea i think you, your son and his friend and parents need to have a talk.

I'm so curious to know if they're like 5 or 15 years old. Or God forbid, 25.

I'd still be concerned if he was 5 and playing Assassins Creed.

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he'd have to be pretty smart at 5 to understand the plot and dialogue.

I wouldn't expect then to be playing the storyline but they might have seen the merchandise, or watched/played with an older sibling, cousin, etc. I know young children who have played GTA, CoD, etc. so it does happen unfortunately.

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...the level of stupidity from some people Is way too high.

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That kids going places... Not college, but places

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having it reattached is going to teach him what it won't do for him.

*spoiler* Kinda anyways Just to clarify Ezio has all his fingers because the hidden blade doesn't require the finger as a sacrifice anymore after Leonardo adjusts it,

No, Leonardo. Altaïr, at the time, believed in the method of cutting off the middle finger as a way to show dedication to the cause. Leonardo redesigned the mechanism so that Ezio didn't have to lose his finger.