By Awkward - 22/10/2014 00:36 - United States - Owings Mills

Today, I had to google the definition of transsexual just to know what the hell my friends were talking about. I need to read a book. FML
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Greenteamextreme 16

Knowledge is power!

Did you live under a rock for a few years?


Greenteamextreme 16

Knowledge is power!

OP has been living under a rock.


Or just watch the rocky horror picture show ;)

dannnngthatsux 19

um. No that's 'sweet transvestite ... from Transylvania' A transsexual wants to have a physical change, not just wear the clothes.

c0untblah 4

Yeah..... You need to work on that.

Well what does it mean? Jk

reading helps, else google definitely does..

You could always go buy yourself a dictionary and read that:)

Google is more efficient. Anything irrelevant can be ignored.

Did you live under a rock for a few years?

Gasp! Maybe he's Patrick!

"No, this is Patrick."

nataliewby 25

#16 is this the Krusty Krab?

DogeMan 14

That explains why Patrick Star is so stupid

We have found Patrick.

If you'd have just watched Rocky Horror Picture Show this would never have happened!

Sweet Transvestite is in that movie not sweet transsexual. But still, it would've given OP a clue.

But he just a sweet Transvestite From Transexual Transalvania. So it is in the movie. (:


"Don't judge a book by it's coverrrrrr... " (; oh rocky horror is my life.

dannnngthatsux 19

can't be a transvestite and transsexual at once, it's just funny alliteration.

There are a lot of things that people never discover, and it is apparently embarrassing is they don't know it at an older age. Be happy that you learned it now rather than later.

At least, you educated yourself on the topic. Ignorance is only shameful when you do nothing about it.

ninety 25

I don't see anything shameful about not knowing what a transsexual is.

Knowledge is power. The only stupid question is the question that goes unasked.

No such things as stupid questions, just stupid people.

abraybro 27

At least you educated yourself instead of pretending to know what it means.